Feng Shui Knowbodies

Welcome to the resources  mentioned in the Lauri Ann West KnowBodies talk.

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BaGua Map

Using the BaGua Map

1. Stand at door* looking inward

2.Hold this grid in front of you

3.Far Left corner is Wealth Area

4.Notice what is in each area
Does it reflect what you would like  
   to be
living in that aspect of your life?

*The BaGua Map of Energy Applies to

  • Property: Address
  • Building: Front Door
  • All structures
  • Each Room
  • Even your desk, business card, etc.

The BaGua Map is used here placing it from the door or entrance. This is called the “Form” School application.  It works. 

Discover Your Feng Shui Energy

Consider this:  each of us has our own energetic way of being in and approaching the world.   

It’s fun and fascinating to explore how we interact with others and  how we can be supported (or drained) by the colors, shapes and people around us.  

Check it out:

Get Your Elements

     1) For one person: Know your elements  

      2) For your group: Get Elements in Bulk   


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