TEDx Speaker Application Video - Thank you!

Thank you for considering me. 

I hope you get a sense of my passion and love for people and how something so simple, and overwhelmingly overlooked, can make such a huge impact on our lives.  

I hope  you enjoy this video, which I expect will be edited for time and impact and to further align with your mission: Roots. 

Please reach out to me with any questions or recommendations.  

Best always, 

fawn chang


What People Are Saying About Fawn

Fawn’s knowledge of the subject and its delivery, was impressive. I want to give Ms. Chang kudos for a fantastic presentation and thanks for impressing a lot of the architects in the Atlanta Market.
– Carlo DiMaio,
Architectural Services Manager,
PPG Paints

…it was Awesome! Fawn shared her contagious passion for color in a very professional and perfect way to understand. She`s Great! All our customers and prospects that attended to the presentation where very happy!!! We are very Happy.

– Ing. Adrian Pereira Vidal,
Owner Pinturas Pevi,
Baja California, Mexico

Fawn is a fascinating orator. Her passion and authenticity are apparent in her presentations. I recommend Fawn for a company looking for a adding an element of fun to their corporate wellness program.

– Angie Piermani,
PHR Human Resources Manager Meyer,
Unkovic & Scott LLP

…you can find no better speaker/trainer/designer than Fawn Chang. Her enthusiasm and warmth capture her audience, and the depth of experience and knowledge she brings on color, design, human body and behavior and Feng Shui assure that you are working with the best of the best. Her work ethic is very high, and she consistently performs above our expectations to help others achieve success!

– Kathy Cragg Pace
Director of In-Home Design
Smith & Noble Orange County, CA

Other Talks By Fawn

For the past 20 years, I have spoken to global audiences, from St. Johns, Newfoundland to Fairbanks, AK, from Barbados to Mexico to Hawaii, from Fargo, ND to Santiago, Chile, and everything in between.  I am the regular co-Host for LivAbleCanada.com to a global audience.   

My message is always the same: We can change our lives with simple knowledge of how the body reads the environment.  Our spaces are controlling our behavior, our brains are seeking the past, we are and can be more: healthy, happy and connected. 

Below is a recent virtual talk that is Health, Safety & Wellness CEU