Selling Your Home? Forget Real Estate Beige! These Colors Mean More Money in Your Pocket

Courtesy of Zillow Listing
Courtesy of Zillow Listing

Considering selling your home soon?  Forget about “Real Estate Beige.”

Even as the market heats up in many parts of the country, buyers will spend more money on a home if it has the right colors.

What are the money colors?

There are so many colors from which to choose, and as a Seller it’s important and financially beneficial to you to select the right colors.

This does two things, 1) it resets the home for the new owner–think about it, you are leaving and making it ready for the next person so don’t paint what you would like!

And 2) it freshens the energy.  Buyers will make a decision about a home within  the first 10 seconds, after that, it becomes a negotiation process in which you will likely give away more than you wanted to.

For other valuable, money-in-your-pocket ways to prepare the home to pass off to the new owner, check this post about Selling Your Home Faster  

Get your “2018 Selling Your Home” Color Palette here. 

What are today’s best real estate selling colours?

Not beige.

Exterior Color? According to Zillow, “…the home exteriors that were most appealing to buyers and netted a higher sale price (+$1,526) were those with grey/beige exteriors, as opposed to a lower sale price for apparently similar homes having brown, tan or medium beige exteriors (-$1,970).”

Front door colors?   According to Zillow, “Paint that greige [not beige/not grey but somewhere in between and make sure it doesn’t have a pink tint–unsure how to do that? Contact Fawn  house using a front door color of dark charcoal or navy and you can apparently add another $1,514 to your bottom line.”  [Feng Shui tells us that the front door is the key to your career, life purpose and journey, associated with Water Element which is, in Feng Shui, the colors Black, Dark Charcoal or Deep Navy…boo-yah!]

Courtesy Sunrise Builders Open and Updated Kitchen with a bit of sleek grey has been shown to increase sale price by $1,809.
Courtesy Sunrise Builders  Open and Updated Kitchen according to Zillow the wall color alone increased sale price by $1,809.

Kitchen wall colors that brought a higher sale: Says Zillow, “soft gray to soft gray/blue fetched an additional $1,809.  It seems that yellow on the kitchen walls lowered the sale price by $820.” It seems that today’s buyer is looking for soft, neutral and open feeling in our homes, perhaps as a respite from the overwhelm of an invasive world that we cannot seem to disengage from.

Bathroom wall colors:  Light, soft powder blue to a color called “periwinkle” were the all-time income producing colors, increasing the sale price by $5,440.  Why?  Light Blue and periwinkle are expansive and relaxing, happy colors, and according to Feng Shui those colors are associated with upward movement called Tree energy.  When I consult, I recommend that the colors blue and green can be used in the bathroom to reverse the energy drain of water flowing out of the house and taking valuable energy with it.  (There are ways other than color to manage the same effect.) Using light blue and light green will energetically reverse the outward flow, thereby stabilizing and even increasing health, wealth and happiness.  Green is not a currently appealing color and also one that is not easy to get just right.  Blue on the other hand, works really well with white of bath fixtures, white ship lap (a current trend) and blue is the color that will relax our muscles and create an uplifted and happy feeling.

Bathroom colors that drain your wealth?  Bathrooms all white (off-white or eggshell) showed a decreased sale of $4,035.  [Feng Shui– White, which is Metal energy, actually “supports” Water Energy — increasing the flow of wealth down the drain and out of your life — funny but I could not make this up.  Don’t fret, there are subtle ways to balance the energy in your life and white bathroom  — Sign up to learn how in my exclusive “How To Use Color Insights” ]

Get your “2018 Selling Your Home” Color Palette here. 

Living Room Walls  “…warm beige and tans colors increased the sale price, and in grey tones decreased the sale price.”

Dining Room Walls:  “Slate blue, pale grey and navy with white ship lap took it up $1,926 while  warm tones of terracotta, brick or copper read decreased by $2,031,” to quote Zillow

Bedroom Walls:  Avoid the pink or tan if you are selling, you’ll see a decrease but paint it “light blue to cerulean and you’re likely to see $1,856 added to the bottom line,” according again to Zillow.

Get your “2018 Selling Your Home” Color Palette here. 

Beware: There are many factors that will increased or decreased bottom line of a house sale; color is just one, but a powerful one.  Selling a home is not the same as living there with the colors YOU love and that will support your goals.  (They might be the same, but they might not be.)

Today’s buyers are savvy

…and know what is current — colors tell the story of how updated and move-in ready the home actually is.

Make the home you are selling as appealing as possible, allowing the new owner to begin to see themselves living there.  And distance yourself emotionally from it, try to call it by its address rather than “my home.”  That little shift will make a big difference too.

Use color to your best advantage

Color will make a room feel better, bigger or more intimate. You can learn how to select the right colors, how to create the best color palette and–most importantly–how to use the colors to tell the right story, to your body, mind and relationships.  Or you can request a color consultation and have it done for you. Contact Fawn

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Make the home feel joyful and alive, use today’s Real Estate Colors, and that’s what will sell the house.

Here’s to your abundantly happy life!

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