Riding the Wave

Whew!  Things are shifting…are you on the leading edge riding the wave or tumbling in the surf? 

   “What would it be like for you to feel like an expert easily navigating life right now?”    

    I have had so much great feedback this year from my presentations and courses about how those who attended are experiencing tremendous freedom and cash flow and more joy!  It’s making me so happy!   

[Upcoming classes listed below…first one on Saturday 8-8-2020 for $8.88  so why not – right?]

     On July 21, I had to fly from Pittsburgh to Lake Tahoe and liquidate my “things” quickly because the house sold with 30 day closing.  It was a journey filled with lots of twists and turns.  I was bowled over by emotions and doubts and decisions…everything was a decision, what to purge, what to keep, blech.  I had limited time and I was further incentivized to purge by the ridiculous cost of shipping “stuff” across the country.  It allowed me to sort who I used to be from who I want to be.  I slowly became fearless as I moved things, boxes and stuff hither and thither, in and out of my car, up stairs, into and out of boxes, through doors. So much so that I am cured of shopping,..okay, for a while anyway.  

     A lot of us are purging … even the charities I wished to donate to were overwhelmed with everyone doing the same thing!  But I did it and I feel like I lost 50 pounds, and honestly, more than that because I just cut loose all the Jacob Marley chain links I was carrying around.  

And…drumroll: as I was on the airplane back to Pittsburgh, I got the email that my preliminary version of my book will be ready August 15!  How’s THAT for quick results of letting the goodness in!  So excited! 

     I tell you all that because I want to share with you that this stuff works!  Keep clearing, keep shifting your spaces and allow yourself to feel the feelings and move them through.  Then, look for what amazing stuff is just outside your awareness knocking to love you. 

Join me for some courses to make your transitions smoother, more heart-opening and easier.  It’s all just energy and we can learn to surf our lives like a master and giggle all the while. 

  1. Manifest with Me on August 8
    • Join me on Saturday, August 8 —  woooo! Manifest Your Abundance
      • 8-8-2020 online class to remove the blocks to your Money, Love and  Abundance and Manifesting More Good in your life. 
      • Sign up for that here:  FawnChang.com/products 
        • There will be a replay available so if you cannot make it you can watch it anytime. 
  2. Many have asked for it … and now you got it! 
    • I am doing a class on Nine Star Ki on August 11 and August 18
      • a two-part workshop that you won’t want to miss —
        • I love sharing this information because it is so accurate and I have studied for 30 years to bring the best of all sources together and make it practical for our modern lives.  
    • There will be a replay available for you. 
    • I will be taking questions so if you can join me, there’s another bonus.  If you sign up and cannot make it, send me your question and I will try to get to it on the calls.  

Let me know how you are doing and I hope you can join me for the classes. 

Let’s keep it going!  

Much, much love,