1. Watch the videos
  2. Notice the colour world around you / fill in the colour research – gather pictures of influences
  3. Fill in the colour sheet


Colour Stories  how colours – together- speak to us


(Analogous, Contrast, etc.)


  1. Create your Colour Story (palette)


  1. Tell us your Thoughts Describe Your Findings – written or verbally



Trending is about discovery


Three parts

1) Training

2) Discovery

3) Sharing (describing your selections)


1) CCA colour expert

2) promoted on Web page and member of the panel

3) your colour stories highlighted ***

4) all input culled and one Caribbean Colour of the Year announced and a colour palettes with the individual colours

5) take it to the streets – select a resident to have the colour painted on or in their home.



1st step not about colour


The needs emotional needs


Let’s see and name them


Stress? Fear? Breaking out?



What we are drawn to to make sense of our world


What we see

What we need



Global trends come from the global trajectory— the globalization


Oddly one of the biggest global trends reads is that we need our own sense of place of self our regional self, references what makes us different not homogenized – not  homogeneous


Most trending organizations originated in Europe or North America


Used to follow fashion – runways and Vogue magazine


Before that the wealthy who traveled and were inspired by what they saw — or what was new intriguing or different— access to new materials, techniques, colors and cultures




Defining Culture

Heritage origin –

Colours as defined locally

Meaning for us

Associations —


-some color meanings


There are no new colors – just new needs


This exciting opportunity to identify and then  forecast the colors of the Caribbean answers that needs for recognition of place, value, desire




Caribbean is colorful  – many theories about why and we may discover more


What is certain


Individual nature of each Caribbean local culture is  unique


Opportunity to be a voice for your country, and seen as an expert- highlighted in social media and marketing of the colours reflection the unique way of life in the local culture


unique colour trends



what we long for