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95% of our behavior is subconsciously 

directed by Color & Shape

don't believe me?

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Color Trends & Color Psychology 

                                  AIA & IDCEC Approved Presentation Accredited for 1 AIA HSW/LU and 1 IDCEC HSW CEU


Learn to be Color Confident and use color to create the outcomes and behavior desired in design! 

Color is intimately and intricately connected to our habits, behavior, physiology and ultimately our health and well-being. 

This course will explore color psychology, the impact design and color have in creating behavior and the roles color and design have in driving health and well-being for humans in our built environments. It will also address the current and future Global Mega Trends and understand how they will influence Color, Design and Living in our Built Environments going forward. 

The learning Objectives for this 1 hour AIA LU/HSW CEU: 

1. Understand the implication of color and it’s impact on Human Health & Wellbeing 
2. Know the significant global mega trends for adapting to thrive in a post pandemic world 
3. Discover how to use color to positively impact purpose and behavior to Foster Health, Wellbeing & Safety 
4. Explore the Psychology & Biology of Color – how humans perceive space through color & design. 
All participants will receive a certificate of completion for their records for 1LU/HSW. We will report the AIA credit for for participants who provide their AIA number. 

This seminar will conclude with a brief CERACLAD® overview and presentation.

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Become Color Confident Certified

Live and Online


Learn the How TO of Color and begin to know how we influence subconscious behavior through design.  

This course will take you from Color Bewildered to Color Confident for Yourself, as an Add-on service to your design or architecture practice or Start your OWN Color Consultancy Business.

Join me to learn what I have learned over 40 years of building my own color & design business and shared with hundreds of thousands in  my live audiences.   

Design for Health & Well-being

Fawn Chang

Interior Designer
Feng Shui Expert
Color Trending & Marketing Expert

International Keynote Speaker

Consulting and Design

Powerful perspective to change lives. 

Fawn’s “eyes on” dials your project in to for nourishment.  

Fawn consults, coaches or designs, working with Architects, Design Professionals and Individuals

Color, Layout, Design & Feng Shui –  Simple SHIFTS are the most powerful.

Learn HOW TO

MasterClasses in Design, Color and the FawnShui Method.   


The unique FawnShui system delivers practical, powerful perspective to make simple shifts to change behaviour and lives – the way the human body and brain respond to spaces in which we all live and work and love.   

Seminars & Speaking

Timely and inspiring, Fawn’s talks empower & change lives. 

Virtual presentations include AIA & IDCEC accredited Health, Safety & Wellness CEUs, Corporate and Human Resources.  (In-person presentations when possible.)

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