Why do I Crave Orange? (Or Any Other Color…)

One of my recent clients is drawn to orange and can’t explain it.
‘It’s like the color “orange” is a panacea, a drug of sorts making me feel better; I can’t explain it but I need it!’
First: no need to explain it, just go with it.
The room on the right gives a happy bit of social orange to this family. (The white activates the space even more, adds active YANG energy in a dark, cold YIN basement depending on the location). The room on the right might be too much orange for regular usage, but for a room in which you spend little time, it could be just what the Color Doctor ordered.
Color is a direct fulfillment of an emotional (and then biological) need.  Color is medicine.  Color is light and it’s not like the moth’s flame, you won’t get hurt.
BEWARE:  too much color for too long or in the ‘wrong’ place can have a detrimental affect.  Be attuned to your response and be read to change when you have had enough.The real world of nature isn’t digital–either on or off–it moves slowly.  Being aware of your needs and moving to fulfill them is a good thing.  If you are drawn to it, go to it.  When you are no longer drawn to it, change it.
The short version explaination of why she was drawn to Orange:
I looked at the relationship Nine Star Ki of her family.  I use this when I do Feng Shui for all my clients and it’s uncanny.  My client’s energy showed that she is not supported energtically of anyone else in her family, she offers the support to her husband and kids (She’s Tree and Earth Energy, her children and husband are Tree and Metal energy…Metal cuts Tree, Metal drains Earth.  Her Relationship energy is Earth and there’s no fire support in her family for her Earth so she gets exhausted supporting and being drained by her family relationships.)
Enter Feng Shui and the Power of Color!
We arranged her space to include much more Fire energy—Light, laughter, levity, red (she doesn’t like) but Orange! she loves.  The orange will support her energy and it is a welcome relief.  The Orange will also take the edge of the excess Tree (independent vibrant upward moving, lots of ideas and plans, vitally needs grounding of Earth) and support her OWN Earth energy so that she can aid her children to still be idealistic, visionary and independent but give them the grounding to have them choose one project to completion, focus on the details and be nourished by the gathering of family.
This type of analysis helps tremendously for two reasons,
  1. we take the pressure off the people because they see this is something that is not their ‘fault’.  That’s a huge relief
  2. we allow the environment to do the work, so they can focus on being wonderful versions of their tremendous energetics.
Awareness is a powerful thing.  Our homes, the shapes and colors we place around us influence behavior, can work for us or against us and using Feng Shui has for thousands of years proven to make life easier, more pleasant and more powerfully fulfilling.