What Happens When—

What Happens When—


–You are Forgiven, totally, for everything and anything.  Slate wiped clean.  Start fresh.  What does that feel like?


–You are As fit as you want to be?  Thin, your clothes glide over your body, spring is in every step, your skin glows and your eyes sparkle?


You can’t wait to get to work each day to show your stuff, to push stuff around and be totally effective and enjoyable?


Coming home is fun, restful, rejuvenating, you love the style and location of your home, your furnishings are just perfectly designed for you, the colors support you and the smells and textures delight your senses.  Your Bed is restful and linens are so rich and juicy?


Your mate smiles when you come near, you talk and laugh, enjoy each other and work together building and loving your family.


Your children are healthy, happy, expressing their talents and looking forward to each day spent getting better and enjoying nature and their friends. 


Your parents are healthy and vital and enjoying their friends and pursuits, happy to see you living your own fabulous life.
What happens then?  More of the same I think.

Let’s make it happen.

This little joy-filled interlude has just programmed your future. 


Repeat it often, the moment you are living now IS your life.