Tired Lately? It’s about New Moon’s Shift into 2013

Did you feel it?  This past week I’ve had many clients and people connect and ask me, “What’s going on?  I feel so tired!”  and even exhausted…pay attention and here’s why:

This is the energy shift of this healing new year beginning and the New Moon in the sign of Aquarius on Feb 10 (EST).

As I mentioned, go with it, listen to your body, take extra special good care of you and read on how to use this energy and this year to make it your Best Year Yet!

In addition to the feeling of tiredness during this shift in the new energy coming onboard, you may also experience what astrologers call the “freedom-closeness” dilemma in relationships.

The Ancient Greeks spoke of many types of love: pathos, ethos, eros, to mention a few, and to the Aquarian sensibility, it’s all about loving in a helpful, gentle, balanced way.  Aquarius is the sign which helps us connect to the nature we all share: flowing, loving, heart-centered and free. Freedom is a huge personal banner carried by those of us with Aquarius in our astrological makeup — an Aquarian will often disappear without notice, but will also be thoroughly charming and engaged in sharing joy with all unequivocally.

Things to do today and throughout this New Year:

  • Take some time today to rest deeply and recharge.
  • Clear away those emotions that don’t serve you: guilt, fear, anxiety, regret and remorse. Breathe light into and around them and release them like little bubbles.
  • Clear your calendar of things that don’t serve you.
  • Take some time to balance heart and head…the water of emotion and inspiration with the logical, learned responses.
  • Freshen your bedlinen, buy a new pillow, take an Epsom salt bath this evening to refresh your energy and get to bed earlier than usual.
  • Review your BIG YES! Write a list of the 27 things you want to have be better in your life this month and this year, even if it seems redundant.
  • Write yourself a check from the Law of Attraction for an amount that you could realistically accept from the Universe.  $20,000?  $30,000?  How much would you like to win, encounter or earn extra or accept from unexpected sources?  Don’t limit it.  Perhaps you can realistically accept $4 million.  Check in with your body when you review these amounts and you’ll know your body’s ‘oh yeah, sure!” limit.  Go just below that and then next New Moon, be grateful for the extra money you did receive from Source (where all money and abundance comes from) and write it bigger next month.  Place this check in your Helpful People area or in your wealth area on your desk, or in your home and let it ‘bake’.
  • Today, take some time to focus on your Helpful People area
    • What is in this area of each room, your home and your office?
    • What type of Helpful People would you like in your life?  How would they help you? What would you like to accomplish in business, in the community, in your travels?
    • Make sure this area is anchored and not missing in your home, rooms or office.
    • Be sure it’s organized and offers plenty of open space, something designers call “white space” or “negative space” allowing the mind to rest and creating a void and opening our energy for something beautiful to enter.
    • Clean it and place representations of where you’d like to travel, mentors who guide you (physical or spiritual, living or passed on), wealth, commerce, metal energy: metal, oval, spherical shapes.
  • When confronting a dilemma: open your heart, seek your internal guidance, and express love, to yourself and to others around you.
    • How to express love?  Feel it.  Send it. Surround yourself with a smile, or golden Angel wings, fill the space between you and the other person with peace, love, allowing and openness to possibilities.
    • Trust your internal feelings and guidance.
    • Shift from fear to trust and love by focusing on exhilaration and breathing.  Fear just lets you know where you are at the edge of your former experience.  With breath, you can allow the fear to travel through your veins as excitement.
  • Send a text of gratitude to someone, perform random acts of kindness, cut someone a break, cut yourself some slack, pay it forward and forget it, doodle hearts and flowers and sparkles, laugh!

This New Year: The Chinese Water Snake

The energies of Spring and the Earth’s New Beginning began to emerge on February 4 with the beginning of the Solar New Year and on February 10 they shift again with the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year: The Year of the Water Snake.

Don’t fret, animal associations in the Chinese lingo don’t have the negatives that they do here in the West.

If you read yesterday’s post, you may have read your energy forecast for the next 9 year cycle.  This cycle is also flavored by the overlay of the Chinese Animal Horoscope.  In concert, it gives us an idea of the weather, but more, it gives us a reminder of how to manage our many experiences toward our greater goal of living our Best Year Yet:  Our Heart’s Desires.

Remember, these ancient sciences were made relevant and understandable by anchoring the wisdom in things that were easily experiencial: water, tree, fire, metal and earth, as well as the characteristics of certain animals: monkeys are brilliant and energetic, rams are steadfast, and snakes are transformers. Water is associated with emotion, depth, and spirituality as well as flow, life force and wealth.

Put that together for this year and we have the energetic support and will feel the impetus to transform ourselves in the area of heart-centeredness, trust, emotions.  Allow yourself to ask for help and to begin becoming a helpful person and attracting helpful people into your life.

One of the reasons many of us have been tired is that our bodies are seeking the best medicine to heal.  As the Irish say: “The best medicine is a good laugh and a long night’s sleep.”

Our bodies know more than our minds about healing and being tired is our body’s way of making sure we go deep into sleep and begin to heal from whatever has jangled us in our lives.  Through sleep we can connect to the Source within, our inspiration, guidance and intuition.

What have you noticed in your life lately?  How do you plan to add more love to the world around you?  I’d love to know!