The Transformation of Energy: Feng Shui Elements: You Know this Stuff

Everything is energy.

Water—-Tree/Wood—-Fire—-Earth—-Metal—-Water—-Tree/Wood–Fire— Earth–Metal… The “elements” show us how energy moves and behaves with each other. We all know this, we just have to have it explained again.

The Ancient people who developed the science of Feng Shui watched how energy moved and used Nature’s guidance.Colors, shapes, people and activities have unique qualities.  Feng Shui categorizes those qualities as to how they move. People have specific qualities that are enhanced or drained by colors or shapes or people.  This is the entire basis of Feng Shui:  the flow and movement and interface of energy.

The 5 categories are ones we all understand because we understand these basics of nature by its action:

Water:  flows, seeks the deepest level, can be reflective, etc.
Tree: sprouts forth with vigorous energy, uplifts and is prolific in creating (leaves, seeds, etc.)
Fire: expands, is brilliant, burns away the dross, is clarifying, but needs fuel to burn
Earth:  is stable, grounding, and the source of nourishment
Metal: is dense, cutting, will hold people accountable, like money, the sword and the scalple bring duty, honor and conditional support

Colors, shapes and many other attributes of life are filed into these categories and the insights are uncanny.  At first it might seem unlikely, but when you begin to look at life as to how energy flows, you’ll begin to understand the essence of life:  everything is energy, it’s all interconnected, there are not co-incidences and everything is always moving.

Energy moves in predictable patterns, as you can see by this graphic. Clockwise indications support…the dotted lines indicate what controls what. Counterclockwise indicates the depleting cycle. Balance is the key…how much is good and how much is not good will be determined by how centered, healthy, effective, wealthy and powerful you feel.

If you’d like to listen to the free recording explaining this in more detail, you’ll begin to get an idea of how to be the master of your own life by using colors, shapes and energy to positively make a difference in all your relationships and life.   You can Listen Again Here.

We all understand this and we can see by this explaination how these support each other:

Water flows, seeks its deepest level, is soft but powerful, makes things darker.  It’s movement is down and deep, can be still or can be bubbly.  A puddle is reflective, mirroring the sky above, but unknown depth can prove to be dangerous.  Such is the energy of the ‘Element’ of Water.

From Water grows life, shooting upward, plants that comprise Tree/Wood energy.  Tree/Wood energy is .  From the shoots to the tops of the trees we have two energies of Tree/Wood: the early shoots of spring are forceful, independent, sensual, upward moving, boldly green and alive.  The leaves at the tops of the tree show the blue sky, capture the Wind, allow vision and hope.  Look at a forest and you’ll see that the trees look like vertical stripes or columns.

Tree/Wood and Wind are necessary for Fire to burn.  We know Fire is red, sometimes orange, and that flames take on a triangular shape or conical or pyamidal…look at the Campfire Girl’s logo.  We need the light of Fire which ‘shines’ brightly, is expansive, needs to be contained, is brilliant, clears the underbrush: clarifying.  Activity, exercise, talking, networking, animals, the written or spoken word can all set our hearts on fire.  Fire can also be the soft, glowing embers that bring warmth and comfort.  We know Fire.  Fire can transform what it burns.

When Fire has exhausted itself, we are left with ashes:  Earth.  Feel that downward gathering energy as the Earth takes on and gathers the ashes.  We know what it feels like to be ‘down to Earth’ or ‘grounded’:  that is the energy of Earth as an Element.  From the Earth comes all nourishment and support.  We are familiar with the rich browns of loamy soil, the bright yellows of sulfur and everything in between: terra cotta, brick, beige and tan.  Those colors hold the Energy of Earth; the most stable, unmoving shape is the square or rectangle, like a brick.  As that gathering, grounding, Earth-ward energy continues to move inward toward the center, it becomes compressed and creates Metal, found deep inside the Earth.

Metal element is heavy, accountable, coins as money are used in the community as representation of conditional support (this for that).  Metal coins are round, shapes associated with metal are ovals (think of geodes), and any portion of those shapes which would be an arch.  When we think of metal we think grey; Feng Shui adds to that White and pastel colors.  We know metal is sharp, swords are double-edged and signify honor and duty.  We know Metal energy, too.

We also know that Metal, when under pressure or highly compressed becomes liquid, thereby completing the cycle by turning into the energy of Water.

There…you probably didn’t know you actually KNEW so much about Feng Shui, but you do.

The next step is to notice how energy moves around you, learn a little more about Feng Shui, like how to use the Bagua, and then you’ll understand how energy flows throughout your spaces.  Each  a part of your life, a part of your home and office, has different inherant energy and color, shape and design can be used to bring you your best life.

Steps to take to bring your life into balance and prosperity:

1.  Look at the bagua and learn how to use it.

2.  Clear your clutter from all aspects of your life.  Get the Free eBook  28-day program to help you understand how to and the impact of clutter on your life.   If you don’t love it or use it, move it out.  Where your clutter is located will show you where in your life you are blocked.  Remove your clutter and your life will change!  Important step: be grateful for everything you have and are getting rid of:  it’s a sign of abundance and your ability to cre Important stepate.

3.  Develop Awareness — Notice:  How you feel and what is around.  Do the people, places and things in your life bring your energy up or take your energy down?  If up, yay! If down, be brave and move it out.

4.  Learn YOUR Feng Shui element.  Quickly learn how your energy flows and how to support it.  I use Nine Star Ki because I believe it most easily associates time to place and to person.  We discover 3 specific elements that make up your character, and this information tells us how to use the energy of the Elements (color, shape and behavior) to bring you back into balance with your life and with your family and co-workers.

5.  Make the changes.  Feng Shui works because YOU do.  After the awareness of exactly WHAT to do, it is a matter of making the changes.

6. Feel Gratitude.  Gratitude is the key to creation, intention is the key to creating what you want!  Setting up your spaces intentionally with the use of Feng Shui allows you to anchor the feeling of being powerful and happy, and after that there are no limits to what you can create in your life, for yourself.

Email me if you’d like help with your own spaces or if you’d like a workshop or talk in your area.