Simple Tips for a Delightful Holiday Part 3: Body Wisdom

With just a little awareness and focus on what you really want, you can be breezy and elegant throughout your Holidays AND have more fun than you thought possible.

Part 3 of Simple Tips for a Delightful Holiday


Access your own Power Center -- imagine yourself surrendering to the well of self-love within like a drop of water into a still pond.
  • CENTER   Transport yourself to the one most powerful place on Earth for you — Your center.  Being aware of the space inside your core, whether it is your heart, your solar plexus or the the whole inside of your being, when you gather your awareness inside you, you become a balanced force for creating the happiness you seek.
  • WIND   Breathe.  Our entire physiology changes with just one slow, full breathe.  The nutrients in our breathe help to rebalance our blood pH–a simple element which is vitally important for a healthy immune system.   and to prevent osteoporosis, not to mention mood.
  • WATER   Drink more pure water…room temperature is best.  A glass of water prior to consuming alcohol, or intermittently while drinking helps avoid overindulgence and hangovers.  Before you go to bed, water and a few deep breaths often, will help your liver and your blood process the negative effects of alcohol.  Also, before you go to sleep (but after you’ve had food) a B complex vitamin will also help your body recover more quickly from Holiday partying.  I also take a few dandelion capsules; dandelion is a bitter herb that helps to support the liver and is a mild diuretic.*  (*Check with your health care practitioner before starting any health regimen.  This is not meant as a diagnosis, nor as a prescriptive but just an explanation of what I have learned works for me.)
  • ENJOY  Food eaten consciously and with gratitude becomes nutrient…the simple process of enjoying, slowly savoring your hors d’oevres or dinner changes everything.  You’ll consume less and enjoy more.   I always take a moment to send thanks to everyone who came into contact with that food, from farmer to shipper to chef to server.  Food, furnishings, spaces are transformed by the thoughts and feelings of those who encounter them – this ancient ritual of ‘giving thanks’ or ‘saying grace’ is a powerful act to reset the energy around you.
  • LISTEN & ACT  One sure-fire way to get out of balance is to override your body’s messages.  Begin to trust your intuition from the simplest to the most un-believable.  If you don’t ‘feel’ right about something, avoid it.  If you feel  like a 20-minute nap, or a quick walk is calling you–trust and act on it.  If you ‘just have a feeling’ about going somewhere, talking to someone, purchasing something, ACT on it.  At first you may not know ‘what could have been’ had you listened or not, but you’ll come to trust that Internal Guidance System.  Your own body has wisdom that when heeded will lead you to wonderful experiences.

    Listen to Your Own and Only Authority: Your Inner Guidance System

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