The Power Position: Your Body Knows!

“One cannot choose wisely unless he dares to listen to himself–his own self–at each moment of his life.”  Abraham Maslow 

Right now, take a moment to notice your body in your chair, what is around you?  Who is behind you, what’s above you, do you feel like you are powerfully seated, protected and able to be creative?

Your body knows whether it feels safe.  Our bodies have tremendous awareness and if you doubt that, just notice next time something drops, or something flies at your face:  you automatically flinch just in time.

Where you sit, sleep or work influences your ability to be your best. Notice the next time you have an option for a seat at a restaurant or the auto-repair shop.  How do you know which seat will give you the best outcome for your time spent dining or waiting?  After you read this article, you’ll know.

By placing yourself, your desk, chair, bed, sofa, even your stove in the power position, you are able to access more creativity and health than you may have known you were missing out on.  It allows your body to relax, feel safe, and not on alert.  You are “protected” and  that allows you to access the higher-order thinking and relating areas of the brain.

Dragons and Godfathers 

This ‘power position’ is called in China the ‘Belly of the Dragon” because it is where you are safely snuggled and protected. In the west we call it the “arm chair” position or as I like to call it, “The Godfather” position.  Watching “The Godfather” as a young teenager, I was captivated by the ritual the ‘Wiseguys” took to seat the Godfather for a meeting…know what I mean?

 They positioned him with his back protected,  seated him furthest in a room, not directly across from the door but where he could see someone approaching and have full commanding view of everything going on in the room.  They never placed him in ‘line of fire’ between a door and a window, or two windows or doors.

The power position is based on placement relative to what is in the room:  windows, doors, closets, washrooms, overhead beams, jutting walls, water, electricity, etc.   Your body is best served when not being ‘assaulted’ by fast moving energy or what the Chinese call sha ch’i,or “poison arrows”…meaning edges of walls, beams, things hanging “over your head,” “negative” shapes pointing directly at you.  It’s best to move yourself out if the way of those sharp edges or you can place something between you and the sharp edges of walls or furniture.

 Power Position 1 Desk

Bedrooms, Offices, Kitchens and more…

The next time you go to a restaurant, take notice of the best seat in the house.  It is the one that is away from the door, away from the kitchen and traffic pattern, and follows the ‘godfather’ scenario:  furthest in the room, view of the surroundings, back protected.  Most men know this and when arranging themselves for a lunch or for a meeting, and you can always tell who has the power in the group.

Power Position 1 Bed

Where Feng Shui Comes In

When  you read these suggestions, you may think your layout options are hopeless but don’t despair.  If you cannot have the perfect Feng Shui, there are options to make changes to be sure that the spaces are supportive.  The changes don’t have to be the ‘traditional’ Feng Shui cures of bamboo flutes, Chinese statuary, crystals or ribbons–those work but there are ways to make changes to suit any decor.not power feng shui

If you can’t place yourself in the ultimate Power Position, do the best you can to secure your back against a solid wall or at least place something solid behind you.

What if you are unable to face the door?

~ In an office or cubicle, place a mirror so that you can see behind you.  Be careful of what it reflects because you can be doubling your work or your bills or a crabby co-worker.  Make it reflect something beautiful and happy.  It only need be large enough for you to see behind you.

~ In a bedroom, place the mirror so that it does not reflect the sleeper, but instead offers a view of the door.  Mirrors are recommended against in a bedroom because mirrors activate a space but this use may be necessary.

~ In a kitchen, the stove in an island facing the family or guests is the best position.  If that’s not possible, use the mirror cure to allow the cook to feel secure and part of the crowd.

~ At a table, dining or in a living room:  everyone needs to feel ‘powerful’ and able to be their ‘best self’.  Check to see that each person has a powerful position.  Offer a view of the door when possible, protect their back with a solid chair back or by placing something between the door and their chair, place mirrors strategically so that they can have a view around the room if possible.

Feeling powerful is vital to our well-being.  When we feel safe only then can we be vibrantly healthy and productive. Arranging our homes and offices, knowing how to chose colors and shapes that we love and support us, allow us to make life for everyone around us better than we could ever imagine! 

When we feel safe and in control of our surroundings, we have seventy-five percent of the battle won.  Safety is the foundation for your ability to create your life and what A. Maslow calls the “Hierarchy of Human Needs” leading you to full self-actualization, meaning, living your highest joy creating your particular contribution to humanity in peace and love.  Sound too good to be true?  It’s your birthright and we need you to be wrapping your work in joy.

 More Feng Shui Steps for Success:

·        Put yourself in the power position.

·        Reduce negative influences

·        Bring in healthy and positive energy

·        Hire the Heavens: Invite Divine Assistance

·        Be happy