Workplace Wisdom: Claim Your Power Position

Two Biggest Office Challenges to Success
The beauty of knowing Feng Shui:  engaging the energy world to affect the physical world. 


Can’t get ahead? Not getting the promotion or the income you want?  Clients jumping ship?  You might wonder what the layout of your office has to do with it.  Your environment directly affects your ability to do your best work, it even affects what you’ll get paid, if you’ll get a promotion, or how many clients you attract and keep. 

Two things to look at when snuggling in to your office are: are you in the Power Position and how do you like your co-workers? 

Are you in your Power Position?

What do you face each day?  A wall?  A pillar?  A window? Another person? First we’ll look at where you sit, then we’ll look at what you face each day that determines your failure or success.

Step 1: Put yourself in the power position.  I call this the “Godfather” position.  When I was a teen, I watched “The Godfather” and amazed at how much energy went into how the “wiseguys” positioned the “Don” for a “sitdown”.   Later, when studying Feng Shui, I realized it’s the most important thing for setting yourself up for success.    You will be most supoorted by the space  you are in if your seat/desk is deep in the room, your back to a wall, you are not in “line of fire” between a door and a window and you have a full commanding view of the space and what is coming in the door.  Think of a CEO’s office, this is where her desk will be.

If you work in a cubical and cannot move your chair, carefully place a mirror on your desk or computer to reflect what is behind you. 

I say ‘carefully’ because mirrors are very powerful ‘cures’.  A mirror cure can 

  • Doubles what it reflects.  If a mirror is reflecting a clutter or piles of paperwork to process, you will double your workload or chaos.   
  • Facing too close to the door, pushes away opportunity. 
  • Calls in what you see through it.  A mirror can also be used to ‘call in’ whatever it is showing you, if you can see the bathroom or a crabby co-worker, that energy will become more a part of your life (yikes!) 

Place the mirror so that you can see what is ‘sneaking up on you’.  It doesn’t have to be large, you can usually find a convex (bowed outward) small mirror in the auto department at a department store.   Knowing what’s behind you, you’ll feel more in control, safer, more secure, less tense and be able to relax and get accomplished in less time.

Who is with you?

“The worst of the environmental toxins is a toxic relationship.”  Deepak Chopra, MD

“I hate to go to work, she’s miserable, expecting me to do her work…always making me do everything over, piling more work on me, talking about everyone, it’s just miserable.”  Sound familiar?  Are your biggest complaints about the people around you?

If one reason you aren’t happy to great the day is a bad relationship with a co-worker or boss or employee, Feng Shui can help you change that!  Anger, backstabbing, negativity, squabbles and pettiness are toxic to your career and your health.  These distractions drain your energy and bank account and are the worst of toxins you’ll face each day. 

How do you reclaim your joy and wealth?  One way is to discover how to eliminate negative energy.