New Moon on July 2: Nourishing Relationships

New Moon on July 2: Nourishing Relationships

You will be supported in love on this New Moon on Wednesday, July 2.  “This is the New Moon to completely surrender into the heart of love: compassion for self and others. On this New Moon of love, we can truly cultivate the intention for living each day as a loving, heartful, mindfully, compassionate being.”  Read more from Lisa Dale Miller at

Feng Shui for this new moon: 

This new moon brings energy that will help you feel as though it’s time to heal and be more in touch nourished by the relationships with yourself, your Source, and everyone in your life.   Are there any unhealed relationships in your life?  Two areas to focus on to bring in fresh energy are your bedroom and your kitchen:

Your bedroom.  Where you spend almost 1/3 of your life, this room affects your ability to nourish yourself with rest, reconnect to your Source, your deep self and your partner. Clear out the clutter, remove what is under your bed and take a good look around.  Is there anything in your bedroom that you don’t like?  If so, give it away or give it back to the GodForce to manage for you (throw it away). 

Follow the bedroom tips for a healthy and happy relationship.

Your Kitchen:  The New Moon in Cancer means that our emotional nurturance and emotional security will be at issue for a lot of us.  You kitchen is the place most associated with nourishing body, mind and spirit in Feng Shui.  As always, make it clean and happy. 

Physical Feng Shui for the Kitchen This New Moon: 

·         Change it around.  Even if you move everything just to clean it and replace it in the same place, you can enliven the energy by intentionally  “loving it up” and caring for it.  Change the chairs around, just scoot them all one place to the right and reverse the “captain’s chairs;” this will increase empathy and allow each person to “walk in another’s moccasins.”

·         Add something new: Fresh flowers, fresh fruit, a new set of linens, a new vase or anything new and loving will synchronize you into the new energy. 

·         Clean:  the sink, stove and refrigerator.  Fill your fridge with new and beautiful food.  Make a small splurge on a special oil or exotic sea salt or divine pepper.  Replace your flour, eggs and milk with fresh products.  Discard everything that is older than 3 months, make a list and replace it if it is something you often need.

·         Feng Shui color assistance:  add a bit of red which will stimulate conversation and digestion (not too much which could cause detrimental results: arguments, anger and hypertension).   A bit of fresh green and pink will bring in the universal healing and fresh energy.  Yellow in the center of your table or room will help the gathering to be grounded and nourishing.  Avoid black which will squelch digestive fires, could cause over-emotionalism and see you digging up the depths.

Intentional Feng Shui:                                   

You can dramatically change any experience by using your own energy and thoughts.  In my last blog post, I explained how a friend of mine completely changed his experience of a previously dreaded event just with our focus and sending love forward into the situation.  It’s opening the space for newness, it is like a blessing.

Try it now:  Imagine a situation that normally makes you feel tight, bored, sad, scared, or any other contracting, negative emotion.  Now imagine you are watching that situation as though it were a scene in a movie. Nothing in particular changes the camera zoomed out and the picture softens as the edges of everything glow with soft pink and golden or white light, hearts soften, smiles form, people are listening, agreeing, voices are lighter and laughter is present.  Everyone is ‘in love’ with life and enjoying the best qualities of those in the room.   Everything goes smoothly.  Let it continue until everyone is home safely and happily in bed.  Seal it with an “and so it is, Thank you.”  There, you just did it.  You sent positive energy forward into a situation.  The more you do that, the more you will notice life flowing more easily for you; I use this technique every day and still I am surprised that it works.

Now you go on about your day, stop and buy some flowers, switch off the grumpy news, drive in silence for a few minutes to connect to the power at your center and you will arrive at your event refreshed and flowing with the Life Force, ready for your day and able to enjoy whatever comes along.