More Metal Energy: Max Lamb’s Pewter Desk — Beauty before, during and after

The process of any endeavor becomes a part of the fabric of the end result.

From beginning to end, the process is almost magical to watch. I wish I were there.

Design used to be experienced as a sacred union of human, cosmos and creation.  Ancient cultures would select the most pure amoung them to be the architects, or those who were to determine the siting of the building or city or to set the keystone.   They knew viscerally that the emotions and experiences of the process would reverberate into the environment and the people for eons.  They knew that the interface of human, material, earth and time would create an opportunity for growth, happiness and health.

Today Artisan is Everything  Today we are hungry for the hand made craft of the artisan…why?   A major trend in the world of design is rise and focus on the need for a truly personal experience.  Artisan is everything.  We are looking to feel and share a connection with something greater than ourselves, a delight or surprise through the design or the product or the architecture.  We are asking the artist to be a conduit and share their 10,000 hours of repetitive exploration that results in mastery:  an alignment with genius.  We want a piece of the experience for ourselves, so that we can find a moment of alignment to the something greater than all of it put together.

This is what ‘good’ Feng Shui does for us: bypasses the brain to reach deep into our felt-sense and turn up the delight so that our very cells can hum along healing us from within.  When that happens we hit the ‘mother-lode’ of getting out of our own way and letting our bodies and spaces bring us joy.

The energy from nature, the energy of smiles and compatibility of shared experience is a part of this creation and I am very excited to share this with you.  Max Lamb’s Pewter Desk is a journey as beautiful as the creation itself.  This is truly a desk of Feng Shui’s Metal energy:  accurate, honed, unconditionally perfect, social, accountable, honorable, voice of celebration and creation.

Max Lamb's Pewter Desk: a "BEFORE" shot. Be sure to see the photo progression:
Max Lamb designing the Pewter Desk. Watch the entire beautiful process:
Metal Energy: Beautiful, exacting, honorable, community oriented: working together.
Evidence of the Artisan, beauty in the flaw, "Wabi Sabi" honor now.
From Max’s site:
My largest pewter casting to date! I returned to my favourite beach at Caerhays on the south coast of Cornwall to produce a solid pewter desk using the same primitive form of sand-casting I experimented with whilst studying at the RCA. The date of the casting was scheduled for the 28th June as high tide coincided with sunrise and I knew I needed at least 6 hours to carve the mould and cast the pewter before the water table began to rise again. At 4:30am I began carving the negative of the desk into the sand using no more than a kitchen knife and a metal rod and by 10:30 the mould was ready for casting. We melted 180kg of pewter (92% tin, 2% copper, 6% antimony) in 30 stainless steel saucepans on 30 gas camping stoves. Myself and five assistants (including my dad), wearing leather welding gauntlets and safety goggles, began pouring the molten pewter into the sand mould one saucepan at a time in quick succession until the liquid pewter reached the brim of the mould. The pewter took over an hour to cool and solidify before I could begin to dig away the sand and excavate the the pewter desk, and between five of us we easily managed to lift the finished desk out from the sand. The natural texture of the sand appears on the legs and underside whilst the smooth seemingly molten surface of the pewter remains on the top surface of the desk.
With  thanks to:
Richard Lamb, Gemma Holt, Laurence Symonds, Patrick Gottelier, Peter Doubleday and 10 students from Falmouth University 3D Design department.

Photography: Max Lamb, Gemma Holt and Peter Doubleday.

Private commission, unique.”