Living Color: Color Therapy for the Soul, Mind and Body

Bottle #50: Pale Blue over Pale Blue Readiness to live life from now on in harmony with the greater whole. Helps you to come to that point within yourself to let the Divine Will be done.

I want to share with you a tool I use almost daily.  It is a scientific product with an amazing developmental history.  The important part, though, is that these products are Colors that Heal the Soul and Life.

Aura Soma is Color Therapy for the Soul.  107 little  bottles of layered colors, that when shaken blend together  and at rest separate into two equal segments of color each are called  an “Equilibrium”.  They speak to our intuitive self by  attracting our attention to them and thereby give us a message that will lead us   to a healing response.

The Color speaks to our intuition, somewhere between the acknowledgement of beauty and delight and somehow it’s always right.   Beyond the little fun link I offer here, a larger experience using these “Equilibriums” in the prescribed manner can (by shaking and applying directly to the affected energetic area of the body) will release blocks from our energy field–blocks to our fluid and pure energy flow, blocks which cause stress, tension, dis-ease, despair, malfunction and illness.

For the past 10 years whenever I have come to a block or impass in my life or need a little inspiration, I have used these “Equilibriums” and the essences and it works.

Try this:

  • Go to this link and look at the bottles on the page.   Aura Soma 
  • Notice which of the bottles draws your attention.
  • Scroll over it and read the description on the left…was it accurately helpful?  I will bet it was.
  • Ask that the essence of those colors, crystals, herbs and oils be infused into your day and your being.
I love this book for Color Inspiration:  Aura Soma Sourcebook.
 Aura Soma also makes a paint additive that I have used in my own home and artists can use in their paintings to continually emit beneficial and healing energies into spaces.  There is a noticeable difference.
This is a tiny glimpse into the clear, helpful power that Aura Soma offered me and might offer you too.  There are folks around the country who can introduce you to the products, the Self Discovery and Healing protocol and connect you with the power of these beautiful color energies.
If you’d like to experience these in person, go to the Aura Soma Website and find a consultant near you.