Laughter: Ways to Increase Your Appeal and Have a Happy Heart

“Seriousness is a dis-ease of the ego and of a society which has forgotten its connection to what is real.”  Stuart Wilde

Laughter isn’t expensive, fast-paced or high-tech but it is nature’s best medicine, even when the only thing we can do is laugh at our own folly.

Laughter usually occurs as a repsonse to the unexpected: a twist of words, a turn of events, seeing something in an unexpected way.

What they are really doing on the other end of the telephone!
When you Laugh more, that laughter will:
  • Heal Your Heart
  • Exercise your internal organs
  • Relieve Stress
  • Resolve Conflice
  • Enhance Communications
  • Enrich relationships
  • Make you look years younger (gives your wrinkles a reason to be there and is an authomatic face lift)
  • Cure Dis-ease (See Anatomy of an Illness As Perceived By The Patient, by Norman Cousins)
Laughter is the sound of summer and good for all the organs, especially your Heart.  Find ways to laugh more and you will live more joyfully and possibly even longer.  What are some of the ways you take the pressure off a tense moment or day?  Remember, it’s ALL going to pass anyway.our laughter in your day:
  • Smile — right now, and more often, you are closer to laughter that way.
  • Think like a kid and allow yourself to do something silly–don’t edit yourself.
  • Sometimes the things we see in movies we think are funny, out of context we think are weird–let go, lighten up and laugh anyway.
  • Be more playful.  It’s easy to forget that we aren’t getting out of here (Earth School) alive and that the Journey IS the point.
  • The only news show I watch is the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, I get what I need to know by reading a few headlines, trade publications and journals and I get to enjoy the news with a wry twist of humor.
  • Give your work projects comical names, like Thumper or Corntime — usually anything with “corn” in it makes me laugh.
  • Sit and think of the silliest thing that ever happened to you.
  • Go to www.gettyimage .com and do a search for “Happy People”.  After a few pages of that, you will be smiling, I guarantee it.
  • Exaggerate and play with the issues that annoy you–make it really huge
  • Take Barbie and Ken to work and sit them on your desk…pretend they are your advisors

Spaces can create happiness and giggles too

Do you place things around your home or office that will surprise, delight you and make you laugh?  Remember, our homes and spaces are creating our reality.  Hide the knives, hide the scissors and the Freddy Kreuger posters, get out the stooges or use photos of things you love as bookmarks, slip a $5 bill in a book or under you flatware, surprise yourself.  Leave yourself or your loved ones some notes, draw thumb people.

There are hundreds of silly things you can do to lighten your own load.