Kingfisher — A Beautiful Message for You Today?

If you have known me, you might know that I watch, observe and take seriously the messages presented to me, especially those of nature.  Whenever a new or different animal, insect or even the recurring echo of the name rambles through my head, I pay attention and go to Ted Andrews’ book Animal Speak, or Animal Medicine by Jamie Sams & David Carson (kept the book, lost the cards, darn).   I usually find within one of those a nugget leading me to the wisdom I need for the questions I am working on or just a feeling that I am not alone.

Today Kingfisher popped into my awareness.  Once before this word “Kingfisher” jumped into my head over and over again…that was a while ago and I had forgotten the message.

Here’s what Ted Andrews has to say about the message of the Kingfisher.  I’ll take this message Any Day!

From THE SUN, UK…”A BEAUTIFUL blue kingfisher dive-bombs straight as an arrow into a lake — and soars majestically back into the air clutching its catch….The incredible picture is made up from six frames taken within milliseconds by wildlife photographer Tony House, 44, from Milton Keynes, at Elstow, Bedford.”

Excerpt taken from Ted Andrews wonderful book – Animal speak

“Kingfisher – new warmth, sunshine, prosperity and love

The kingfisher is a long time symbol of peace and prosperity. It has many legends and superstitions about it. Most originate in ancient Greece.

Most kingfishers are bright blue and greens an old legend tells of how they used to be a dull grey. When Noah released it from the ark it flew towards the sun and the blue sky. As it rose up towards the sun it was burnt and changed into a bright new colour. Blue is often a colour associated with Jupiter in astrology. The kingfisher is the promise of abundance, prosperity and love about to unfold. it also has a dark crest often associated with royalty.

The colouring of the kingfisher is unique among birds. The female has more colour than the male. Some people attribute this to the legend of Halcyone and how her greater love touched the gods and restored the life of her husband. It can reflect that if we bring out a self sacrificing love and manifest it, it will bring new life to us and those closest to us.

The kingfisher is different to birds in another way, they build their nests in holes in the banks along water or as near to water as possible. Sometimes they tunnel into the bank as much as ten feet. They lay five to eight eggs usually at the inner end of the tunnel. Usually by the time the babies have come out of the tunnel they are ready to make a life for themselves. Parents with this totem have a knack for teaching their children how to enjoy life.

If the kingfisher has come to you, prepare to dive into something new. Have you been avoiding the new? Have you been afraid to take the plunge? Are you needing new warmth? Don’t worry if a kingfisher is around, you won’t drown. You will have more sunshine unfolding in your life.”

Thank you!  I wish this for everyone, everywhere!  And I’ll take it too, thank you!