Join Me – 21 Day Nourish You Online Journey

Open HandsTo celebrate the opening of my new online school, I would like to invite you to take the first step to understanding the power of Feng Shui in your life.

Rolling out on March 21, 2017 this self-paced daily course is the pre-requisite for my FawnShui course, in which you will learn how to use the Ancient Wisdom and Modern Living Design for yourself or for helping others in a professional capacity.

This simple and gentle 21-day Journey will begin to connect you to the energy and power within yourself and within your spaces; a necessity to navigate toward fulfillment and happiness.

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The first step to a powerful life is a supported and nourished being.

Simplicity cannot be accessed through non-gentle means and this course will help you locate the source of simplicity, personal nourishment and power within yourself.  From this centered place, you become a force for positive living and vitality in every relationship, every space and every aspect of your world.

21 Day Nourish you Screen Shot

Learn to:

  • Identify and access your well of nourishment.
  • Increase your intuition and internal GPS.
  • Discover the keys to ongoing nourishment.
  • Learn to work with the nuances of energy, yours and others.
  • Know how to and what takes to open to love, wealth and happiness.
  • Learn to understand and engage your energetic boundaries.
  • Find your ‘intention point’
  • Clear the blocks and filters to live in alignment with that nourishing energy.
  • Navigate the ever-changing energy of life.
  • Discover and embody what has taken Fawn decades of exploration.
  • Identify the one most difficult aspect you’ll encounter and learn how to overcome it.
  • Remember how to play, laugh and have fun.

With deep, clean, clear access to the healing forces within our own being, the flow of life is fresh and fuels us, our passion, purpose and gifts.

Join me to center and reset yourself–THE most important thing you can do. With just a few minutes a day, we’ll begin to nourish you.

You are the key to your own brilliant life.

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For this launch, use the code  LAUNCH for free access to this course until May 31, 2017.  After that, the price goes back to $21.

Here’s to spreading the happiness to all of us!

With love,

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