Your Reputation, Your Heart & Your Home: Summer Magic

Summer, Your Ability to Be Seen for Who You Are and Whether You are Living Your Heart’s Desire, Laughter and Play are just a few of the things that are all connected with this happy season.

..And Increase Your Connecting (and Income) Power

The Saying of Summer: “I see You”
Na-Vi Greeting from the movie Avatar

If you are not feeling ‘seen’ or ‘heard’ or paid for who you are and what you contribute;  if you are being passed by, misunderstood or mis-interpreted, you may have some issues in this aspect of your life and some Feng Shui problems in the Fame Area of your home.
Conversely, have you ever had the experience of someone just “gets you”?
When you felt truly ‘seen’… didn’t you just fall in love in that moment?  Your heart expands, your shoulders are no longer earings you wear high around your head, you smile and you immediately know that you are valid and valued because you are seen for who you are.
Seen and very possibly appreciated and, oh yes!…loved.
If you have seen the mega-hit movie directed by James Cameron, Avatar, you may remember Na-Vi greeting, “I See You.”  As explained in the movie, “No, not I see you standing in front of me’ but “I see who you are…”

For Who And All You Are Worth

The Bagua: Treasure Map for Your Spaces
Everything is interconnected.  If you use Summer and the Fame area of your spaces properly, you will be seen for the value you bring, the work you do and the person you are.
Summer is associated with your heart, your reputation and fame and fire.  The spaces in your home and office that connect you to this nourishing energy are the furthest back, middle 1/3 portion of your home or property (even your stationery or business card).  See Bagua
This area is called Li (pronounced lee) and translates as “Clinging.”  In the way that fire clings to that which it burns, our reputation–who we are and what we are famous for–clings to us.  This area is also associated with your Heart (do you follow yours? is it ‘in’ everything you are doing?) and Small Intestine (how well do you assimilate your experiences into your life or do you resist them?)
To Be Seen or Not To Be-Seen, that is the question.  Whether or not you are or want to be seen, this is the place you’ll want to investigate.
In or Out of Touch With Your World and Your Heart?
If it’s all working well, you will be living your heart’s desire and known for who you are. This place, if enhanced and decorated correctly, can raise your social status, improve communication with others, and help to reach goals.  You will have access to clear thinking, effervescent joy, and a delightful social life…in other words:  a light heart and a clear conscience.
[NOTE: Feng Shui always gives you more of what you have; if you are trying to hide some aspect of your life of which you are not proud, make sure you clean up your act first and this clean up this area before you “enhance” it or you will have to come clean in a more public way than you might like.]

Tips for Being Seen for Who You Are, A Healthy Reputation and  Happy Heart:

Angel’s Heart, by Master Photographer Peter Lik
  • Make sure there’s no clutter in your Fame area.
    • Also make sure that your hallways and stairways are clear (these relate to your arteries and veins)
  • What IS in your Fame area?
  • Is it water?  Add some extra Tree energy, plants or upward lighting to balance and energize the area.
  • Does your gaze go right past you out the window?  Place a beautiful reminder of how perfectly wonderful you are right there.
  • Is the energy there uplifted, light and alive? If so, you are right on!
  • Make sure all your electricity and plumbing are working perfectly.
    • Check your light bulbs, clean your chandeliers, and when cool, clean the bulbs in your chandeliers for a bright outlook.
  • Check your stove and fireplaces to make sure they’re working perfectly.
  • If there is water or large stone structures in this area, make sure that these are mitigated by healthy plants and upward moving beauty.
  • Add light, images of sun, triangular shapes, pyramidal shapes, cone shapes, upward facing lighting.
  • After you’ve ‘cleaned up your act,’ place images of what you want to be known for in this portion of your spaces:  your logo, artwork that depicts what is important to you, photos of you and your friends doing fun things,  photos of you and your family laughing, diplomas, etc., or activate your fame with elements of ‘fire’ energy:
  • What sits directly behind you at your desk?  What do people see when they approach your home, your office or your desk?  Is it clean, does it announce YOU and what they can expect?
  • Are you easy to find?  Do you have images of what you embody around your home or office?
  • Add fire element:  Candles, red, sunlight, art including people or animals, animal prints, things that are triangular (pointing upward), conical or pyramidal.