Ho’oponopono – Hawaiian Healing


I heard a fantastic story of a psychologist who was able to close the Ward for the Criminally Insane at the Hawaii State Mental Hospital because he used an Ancient Hawaiian Healing method to cure the ‘inmate patients’ who were healed and returned, without incident, to daily life in society.   I thought, “…yeah, yeah, I’m sure.”  

A friend of mine introduced me to the book  Zero Limits,  in which Joe Vitale tells how Ho’oponopono changed his life on a fundamental level.  Again, “…Yeah, yeah, yeah.”  For me, regardless how “authentic” a story is, if I pass it on, I have to know it’s true.  So I traveled to Philadelphia in August 2008 to see Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D. to experience this for myself.  Joe was right: it shifted something fundamental inside me, in a very good way.

As soon as I signed up for the workshop I didn’t feel like the same person.  It is almost as though something was working on me at a subconscious level.   When I paid my tuition, I could tell I was in for a major change in my life.  What happened?  I didn’t think the same way I was used to thinking–I was not the same old me, although I couldn’t put my finger on it–it was unusual, remarkable, inexplicable and weird.

At the workshop, each of us was greeted personally by the sponsor of the workshop.  I burst into sobbing tears.  More weird.  Energy workshop people are used to emotional releases, especially unexplained ones.  The woman hugged me and said, “I’ll clean on it, too.”  Another weird response-

Clean on it
“Ever notice that when there is a problem, you are there to witness it?” Dr. Hew Len asked.  In response, he advised us to not “Clean it,”  he said “clean on it.”  Apparently there’s a huge Karmic difference in that distinction.     The “deal'”with Ho’oponopono is that you are the center of your experience and that everything in your awareness is yours.  That fact that it is in your experience gives you the right to “clean it up” or change it as long as you own it as your experience.  If you blame another, say it’s “their fault,” or infringe on others’ rights to do their lives the way they do it, try to “save” them, you are taking on heavy karma.  

So here is the distinction:  now that you own it–it is yours and that ownership then gives you the right to clean it from your reality, from your body and experience. You are noticing it (whatever “it” is) as being a block between you and the Divine, keeping you from experiencing the full glory and abundance, forgiveness and peace in the NOW.

Then, as soon as you remember:  say to The Divine the Ho’oponopono words:  “I love you.  Thank you (for allowing me to erase this from the world).”  Sometimes it goes away immediately, sometimes it takes longer. But you just keep “cleaning,” all the time, to everything (hint, hint-everything: even chairs, toilets, walls, rooms-just as in Feng Shui, the Hawaiian’s know that everything is energy and everything is alive with that energy).  “I love you. [I’m sorry. Please forgive me (for believing that I could ever be anything other than Love.] Thank you.” 

Did he cure those inmates? 

Dr. Hew Len tells the story very factually as though it were a series of inexplicable coincidences.  For twenty hours a week, from his office at the Hospital, he would read the charts of the patients and “clean on them.”  He never even ‘saw’ a patient.  He explains that he would “find” the place in him that was reacting or holding that person and the judgment of the crime or criminal or victim in his (Dr. HL’s) reality.  Dr. HL would perform a “Ho’oponopono” and just keep doing it.  Not stopping or thinking, he’d just “clean on it.”  Within a few months the employees were no longer fearful for their lives, sick days lessened, people were happier.  Within 6 months, inmates were no longer in shackles.  Within one year, work release programs were started up.  Within 3 years, there was no reason for the ward to be open.  That was his response.  (“Just the facts, ma’am.”)

The mind wants to ask questions.  How? What if…? Shouldn’t…? How can you just…? Why?  “I don’t know, clean on it,” he would say.  Any time someone would ask a question, there was a 95% probability they’d get that response.

By the end of the weekend, we could see how much time we each spend in the past and future, running around trying to justify, playing catch-our-tail to make it reasonable, rational and ‘right.’  And we saw how little experience we have with living in the right NOW.  Just clean on it.

The hardest part is to allow yourself to continue to accept a positive situation–accept forgiveness. Yikes! Is that scary?  Try it:  how long can you be ‘happy’?  Just keep saying, “I love you” to everything and everyone.

Because he’s been performing this method in his life for so long, there is a field of energy around him.  Being near him or even thought about by him, he is cleaning and you are changed.  We learned that when you sign up for a conference, Dr. HL is given your name on a card and he “cleans on it” clearing everything that comes up in him while he’s focusing on you.  I guess that’s why I was feeling weird–I was being healed.

What are we ‘cleaning’? The collective memories.
We are all hardwired to be love, loved and loving, loveable.  It’s what we are: Love.  But we have experienced and be taught otherwise.  For thousands of years, our ancestors (and now) we have been reacting to and acting out ‘memories’ of eons of negativity, judgment, pain, etc.  

Raising children I know this to be true:  we are taught nearly everything.  To the doubt, regret, wrong  information: “Clean, Erase, Erase, Return to Source.” as written in Joe Vitale’s book. 


As Dr. HL calls it, “the 11 million ‘memories'” are guiding our reactions, “memories” we don’t even ‘remember’ because they are imbedded in our systems, DNA, environment, conversations, perceptions, beliefs that we didn’t come up with but continue to pluck the note of separation from love.  Ho’oponopono works to erase those false memories and return our bodies and minds to Love. 

You can’t know and you don’t have to know.
Why?  Because it’s like going through the clutter in your home, you pick it up, your look at it, roll it around, make a decision about it, remember the memories, bring the memories into the present, visit the past (pleasant or not), then make another decision about it and then move on to the next “memory”.  All the while, you are not experiencing the Divine NOW, you are somewhere else.  

When you discover that if you are in the present, you see that so much more opens up to you.  You don’t respond from patterns or predictions, you can flow with the Divine inspiration, connected to your heart and soul: your internal guidance system.  When you get to the point when everything you think and feel is LOVE, it’s not important to be anywhere other than NOW.  Now here.  No where.  Now Here.  Love.   Dr. HL said if you just say “I love you, thank you” you’ll be doing all you need to do.  Sometimes I do both, many times I use his other methods too.

How To
Try this: see how you feel when you say: I love you. I love you. Keep saying it until you feel so expanded and open and alive, sparkling with golden sparkles of Love. When you are in this state, you are allowing yourself to attract the love you deserve. Stay there. Stay ‘in love’ and think only of the good things that you want to experience. Experience your best wishes, feel it, imagine it. I love you. I love you. I love you.


Hawaii, Candy canes and more

The “I love you” method is the easiest way to get things done.  But there’s more.  Just as Dr. Hew Len recieved Ho’oponopono through oral transmission, there is an energy component to being shown the methods by a master.  I believe that is why we are not permitted to share the methods.  Everything is sacred (notice the similarity in these words:  sacred / secret).

We shown the methods and given a binder filled with healing methods, 2 days of visuals and images that are meant to act as facility for healing all parts of a mind, body and soul.  We also received a manual with Ancient Hawaiian methods, updated for today that we agreed to not translate or transfer to maintain its purity.     What I can tell you:  there is beauty and magic all around you, just keep saying “I love you” and it will show itself to you.  


For instance, the Hawaiian language carries a sacred call to the Divine.  The word Hawaii means: “The Breath & the Water of Divinity.”  [Ha=breath, Wai (pronounced VIE)=water, I=Divinity]     Hmm:  Feng Shui:  wind, water.  Hmm.  Just saying the word  “Hawaii,”  can change your energy. Try it, how does it feel?

Right now, as you are reading this, I am “cleaning on” you. I am asking that whatever negativity might be affecting you, be cleaned.  “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.”  This isn’t directed to you, I am talking to the Divine.  There’s a reality I see–a memory–and I’m taking responsibility for it because I can see it, feel it and heal it.  I am saying it to the Divine and releasing it from both of us.

You never have to (and don’t want to) go into the feeling of guilt, shame, supplication or subordination-stay in Love.  When I come across any shame, guilt, fear, judgment, I try to remember to “Clean, Erase, Erase, Return to Source” or just say “I love you. Thank you.”  It takes awareness because it’s all layered and sneaks up on you like a negative thought.

I love you = Appreciation. Thank you = Gratitude. They are different and you can learn about it on this video by Esther Hicks.
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