Easy Secret to Eliminating Negative Emotional Energy

The Secret to Successfully Eliminating Negative Emotional Energy
“The worst of the environmental toxins is a toxic relationship.”  Deepak Chopra, MD

  “I hate to go to work, she’s miserable, expecting me to do her work…always making me do everything over, piling more work on me, talking about everyone, it’s just miserable.”  Sound familiar?  Are your biggest complaints about the people around you?

If one reason you aren’t happy to greet the day is a bad relationship with a co-worker or boss or employee, Feng Shui can help you change that!  Anger, backstabbing, negativity, squabbles and pettiness are toxic to your career and your health.  These distractions drain your energy and bank account and are the worst of toxins you’ll face each day. 

How do you reclaim your joy and wealth?   Discover the easy secret to successfully eliminating negative emotional energy.

·         Plant your day: Write a new script

·         Send them off with mirrors (weird but it works)

1. PlanT your day (not a typo!)   Stop! You can do this at any time.  

I was having coffee with the Editor for my upcoming book.  For the first few moments we catch up on life.  Charles complained that after our meeting he had a dinner meeting with his former wife and he was regretting it: years of turmoil, you know the story.   I listened and then recommended we send some positive energy forward (golden and white sparkles of joy, love, communication, surround the event with a pink and violet bubble of peace, clarity and purpose).   I told him that what we all want is to be loved, so when he was feeling anxious, mentally say, “I love you” to himself and to her. 

We laughed and got back to work.  The next morning I opened my email and there was a note:  “Dinner tonight was very friendly and smooth — not at all what I anticipated!”

When you are thinking about your upcoming day, appointment, event and you experience the feelings of doubt, fear, anguish, hate, or sadness, Stop and write a new script.  Take a few moments to see it going well, smoothly, happily, smooth easy travel through traffic, smiles from those you spend your day with, people giving you unexpected opportunities or cash, etc.  It may take a few days of this, but expect something GOOD to happen and  you will begin to notice more “goodness” happening.Planting the seeds of great events will grow great events.


2. Use energy to gently send them off:  Setting boundaries in this way is amazing because it works.  It works without ever having to have another conversation remember, in the world of energy: “thoughts are things.”   That’s the beauty of knowing Feng Shui:  using the energy world to affect the physical world. 


·         Set an energy boundary.   Imagine (think & feel) a golden, pink, white, violet or blue (or rainbow) boundary around your space, completely including your door and windows, ceiling and floor.  I got this idea from the ‘bio filter’ on Star Trek that all negative energies are filtered out and only Love and Light and Abundance can enter into this space. 

·         Use the mirror cure.  Take a small round mirror (a 1-3″ flat mirror will work and you can find these at a craft store such as JoAnn Fabrics very inexpensively). To repel the offending person or energy place the mirror on the wall facing toward the offending energy so that the reflective part of the mirror is against the wall on your side of the space; you will be looking at the back of the mirror.  (You can place a photo or artwork over the mirror to hide it from your view.)    This part is very important:  detach from the drama of the situation and allow them the right to be as miserable or objectionable as they want; As you are placing the mirror, say, “good luck with ‘that’, over there.”   When using cures, never curse the other person or interfere with their free will to live their lives as they wish; otherwise the energy will become stronger — you have essentially held out the tug-of-war rope and you are now tied to them.

What usually happens: the person will calm down, get a transfer or quit.  You have stopped giving it your power and the Feng Shui has worked to assist you. 

I have used these and many other Feng Shui tools and taught them to many clients:  they work!

Try it and let me know what you think and if you have any questions, be sure to send a comment or email!  There are many more Feng Shui tips and tools to create your office so you can pull more wealth and fun toward you.