[discreet] Luxury: 2013/14 Trend for Interiors

discreet luxury palette 2013.14
The [discreet] Luxury color palette for 2013.14 and beyond. Warm, rich, earthy and elegant.
Our sense of ourselves and our needs is changing…and here is one of 5 trends introduced for 2013/14 and going forward. Ready for luxury and with a heightened awareness of our impact on our planet is moving us toward a trend being called discreet luxury.    Colors, shapes and artisan yet glamourous design are at the forefront of this trend, one of 5 major trends in color and design introduced by the Global Color Team at PPG Voice of Color.

bulbs by Lee Broom
Bulbs by Lee Broom blend luxury, high quality material with simple design.

Integrity of design, the expertise of the past, and a lack of overtly “showy” styling work together to create a theme that is simultaneously luxurious, elegant, and inviting.  The crystal light bulbs by up-and-coming designer Lee Broom offers the perfect juxtaposition between high-quality material and simple design.


discreet luxury charater
The Discreet Luxury personality exudes a unique blend of contemporary stylishness and classic, old world charm. Mixing curvaceous, feminine forms with sturdy masculine materials, the design aesthetic of the Discreet Luxury character is a bit like modern-day Mad Men with an extreme interest in craftsmanship.

Soft, subtle yet rich, we’ll be seeing these designs and drawn to these colors which reflect what trenders call Persona’s…we develop a personality profile that best embodies a particular segment of the population and then investigate what would appeal to that segment, what their preferences and needs are for now and the future.

This color/design story is a powerful statement of masculine and feminine shapes If you can see yourself or your clients in this color and design story, or perhaps just a part of it.  Either way, you’ll see here how to put it together and also how to add pieces that will delight you. discreet luxury living elements 2013.14

discreet luxury bath elements

discreet luxury nursery elements discreet luxury outdoor elements

discreet luxury living design 2013.14 discreet luxury residential palette 2013.14