What is Your View on Life? What You See Is What YOU’ve Got!

I just came across this product and I am very excited.  I haven’t used it yet, so if anyone does, please let me know what you think!

SticViews creates “clings” for just about anything with any photo you can uploaded or create.  I can’t wait to try this out.

Back to SticViews:

Wow! Where am I? It will be important to ask SticViews how translucent this treatment is.

Note: The  furniture arrangement in this photo does not put the people in the “Power Position” which would help them feel secure and respond in a healthy manner to life.  Having your back against an opening makes us feel tense and depletes our energy.  A Feng Shui better idea is  to have two love seats facing each other and the window between them.


BEWARE:  from a FENG SHUI perspective, patching ugly doesn’t remove it’s influence on you.  If you have an ugly view, a nasty neighbor, unsightly “anything” needing repair, it’s best to clean it up, make it as pretty as you can and use the ‘mirror’ treatment.

Mirror Treatment:  Send the energy away by using a mirror to reflect back the  issue/person/etc. You can place a mirror on the outside wall (or on the inside of your space–shiny side toward the offending issue/person–you’ll see the back of the mirror and can cover it with a piece of art).  The mirror can be small (1/4 inch round available at hobby shops like JoAnn Fabrics and Michaels) If you hang it inside your space (home or work cubicle) it  can be hidden from your view under a painting, at the baseboard (painted to match the color of the baseboard), behind a drapery or curtain–always facing shiny side toward the negative energy.  

IMPORTANT:  as you place the mirror, say in your head or outloud “good luck with that OVER THERE.”  If you don’t judge the person or the energy, it doesn’t collect around you any longer…we all have the ability and right to live our lives as we choose (even people who are bothering you have this right) and none of us knows the evolution of another or what is making them seem disagreeable.  This works.