Change or Be Changed: New Moon & Eclipse Sunday 20 May 2012

If you are feeling a need to change something or if you have been resisting change  in your life or belief structure, you are probably going to want to read this.  Like waves to a surfer, energy comes upon us and if we are aware and know how to use it, we can sail into the future we have been dreaming about.  Each New Moon is a time of new beginnings; as it is one of the darkest nights in terms of the illumination, we have the signal to go deep within and review those things that aren’t serving us and plant the seeds for new growth in the direction of our dreams.

The energy of change has been building, and each new moon offers another significant “big wave” helping us to soar further.  At 7:48 EDT the New Moon in Gemini there will be a heightened need for communication, a desire for change, a restlessness and a sense of intensified activity.   The restlessness, talkativenes or increased desire for physical activity may be just the stimulation you need to help you break through break through road blocks, real or percieved to move to the path of your dreams.  Discomfort aside, you’ll be grateful you made the moves but be sure to go inside and deeply consider your heart and your responses and then go ahead and act.

This new moon creates a solar eclipse, forming a “ring of fire” visible to those in Asia and Western US.  Communication might be blurred or misconstrued, our emotional sides will take the forefront to our intellectual sides and can be used positively if we practice some silence and go inside for wisdom and guidance.

Harnessing this energy can offer you a shift in your perceptions, opening paths you never believed were possible so it’s important to take some time to be alone, take a walk, ground yourself in meditation or gardening.

Even if we are exctied about the changes in our lives, we can run into doubt, fear or blocks that prevent the eager shift through to the end.  Here are a few ways to help yourself move with this exciting energy of change:

  • Write it out.  Take time to sit quietly and write a list of what you want or need  to release from your life.  Things like: worry, anxiety, doubt, mistrust, competition, sadness, regret or a past that is over.   Release it and either make a copy of the paper to review next New Moon, or burn the paper, allowing the energy to be resorbed back into the cosmos, leaving you free for the next step.  Next, write a list of what you want to accomplish in the next month, in the next year and in your life.  Make it big or small as you need and then start to edit the lists for what you can do, what you will do, and what you’ll put on a schedule to accomplish or address.  This helps make the change manageable.
  • Remember that moving forward is not the same as letting go. Letting go of what no longer serves us can be a tricky and deeply embedded process.  Really letting go of old relationships, old expectations or even current expectations is easier by agreeing to let go, seeing the benefit/learning you experienced, taking a real, NOW breath, having a talk with your Inner Critic that releasing the past, regret, competition, shame, sadness, relationship, job, or whatever is actually a safe and healthy thing to do.  Moving on becomes easier because you are now open to ways of seeing and opportunities that were clouded.    There are beautiful ways to address this aspect of ourselves that prevents us from living a full life in the hope of keeping us safe.  Contact me if you’d like help.  Reprogramming your Inner Critic can lead to a happy and joyful new experience. Here’s a blog post from Harvard Business Review about the Inner Critic.
  • Engage your Spaces to help you:  Our homes and offices are intimately and intricately connected to our past, present and future.  What is it you are needing to break free from and what is it you want to move toward?  Determine which aspect of your life needs to change, then look at the bagua to define the space in your home or office (or even your desk) that relates to this issue of your life.  [For instance:  partnership or marriage or even Spiritual Connection is influenced by the Relationship Gua of the BaGua.]  Look to see what exactly is in that area and clean it up if need be.  Remove clutter or reminisences of the past, and don’t be shy about it.   Shift the energy with a good cleaning with organic solutions, citrus and sage. After cleaning, do something special to honor that space.     This is a great time to ‘make decisions’ and go forward.  As you discard things that have anchored pain or memories of bygone time, thank it, allow it to leave, affirm that you will not need this, that you are grateful for the learning and the opportunity to welcome new and fresh things into your life.  Also, remind yourself that you are enough right now and that all you need will be provided exactly when you need it or even something better!  You have help in High Places and when you listen to your heart, you are guided toward your fulfilling life.

More information on the upcoming energy from Simone Butler, Astrologer.  I recommend readings with Simone, if you are interested in understanding the perspective of unbiased information. About this new moon, Simone writes:

“The airy sign of the Twins encourages us to partner with Spirit to tap a deeper intelligence. And, the May 20 Gemini New Moon (4:48 p.m. PDT) is a solar eclipse, in which the Moon (intuition) eclipses the Sun (action). As they join, the luminaries square wordless, mystical Neptune. Couple this event with Venus’ recent retrograde  in Gemini (May 15 to June 27), and you have a strong call to go inward—to turn down the volume of the outer world so you can receive messages from your higher self.

The May 20 solar eclipse occurs only two weeks before the rare Venus transit of the Sun (more on that in my next post), three weeks before expansive Jupiter’s entry into Gemini, and five weeks before the first exact Uranus/Pluto square. We are asked to let our intuitive, instinctive selves step forth during this time. Start by taking a vow to minimize verbiage and distractions at the New Moon. Practice silence however you can. Share nothing on Facebook (especially if you’re an over-poster). Write in your journal rather than calling a friend. Take a walk on a quiet road. Turn on soothing music and let your mind rest.”

If you’d like personal help to make positive shifts in your life, fueled by positive shifts in your home environment, contact me for a mini New Moon Consultation addressing the area of your life needing the most change: