Living in Earth’s Energy Grids

The Power of Place  

The Quality of Energy Impacts Our Lives

“The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand.” Frank Herbert
Before Benjamin Franklin performed his lightning experiment, the concept of electricity was unknown. Before Edison and the telephone or Marconi and the radio, or Marie Curie and the X-ray, no one understood that which we could not measure with instruments and control.  
While we know of the negative effects those x-rays had on Curie and how we’ve adapted to benefit from them, many of us are less ‘scientific’ about other energies and systems with which we live daily. 
Called by some “ley” lines, meridians or grids (even ‘Songlines’ by the Australian Aboriginal People) these electro-magnetic lines form a matrix around and through the planet and atomsphere.  The quality and energy of these lines is vitally important as living, working and sleeping on negatively ‘charged’ crossings has been documented to cause cancer, distortion and even death.  However, once the energy system [the smallest grid is approximately 2 x 2 meters] was addressed balance and health were restored to humans, animals and entire cities.
Europe In the Know
On a flight from Calgary to Toronto recently, I had the pleasure of sitting next to an engineer from Switzerland who designs computer chips found in light-rail systems. It seems that Europeans are well aware of a science that I have been studying for quite some time called BioGeometry. Through the use of BioGeometry in design Europeans have been mitigating the negative effects of “Electrosmog” on their environments for years. 
The science of BioGeometry deals with the relationship between shape and energy. Essentially, everything in nature has shape and everything has energy and BioGeometry embraces the philosophy that certain shapes brings balance into energy fields. Energy, whether in our bodies, in our spaces, on our planet or just surrounding us, is always moving — from center to edge, back, around and through, from organ to organ through our bodies, from earth to sky, from place to place. That energy transmits frequencies that are amplified or minimized based on the quality of that energy and whether energy is flowing or stagnant.
Ancient and modern civilizations have cited their cities, monuments, roads, temples and themselves on Earth’s energy ‘power spots’: junctures of these energy meridians that, by the introduction of precisely engineered shapes of monuments or temples, would clear and amplify beneficial life energy into the population. This was similar to, for example, our modern day cell-phone towers with two major differences: the placement and frequency of the energy emitted. The process was sacred and although our spin on history may at times be inaccurate, it seems that as long as civilizations honored the frequency and flow of life on the planet, they remained prosperous, health and happy.*
As we continue to plop our roads, bridges, dams, cities, developments and homes upon the planet, we are mostly unaware of how to properly interface with the unseen energy matrix that feeds the planet and the negative effects that random placement is having on us, our health and our ecosystem. To look at it energetically, we are placing ourselves smack in the middle of rivers, lakes and streams of energy that are challenging our immune systems.
Back to Basics
With our need to return to basics and to trust the wisdom and intelligence of our bodies and our Earth, it is time to revisit and revamp our idea of place and placement.  Without relocating entire cities or even one tent, BioGeometry and Feng Shui offer opportunities to work with existing placement and manage and shift the energy frequencies around us with the introduction of shape, color and intentional design.  (Of course, sometimes just shifting -say your bed or chair-is the easiest answer but knowing where is the important piece.)
If you would like to know more about how to work in concert with the energy systems of the Earth and to shift the energy of your home or office toward health, harmony, wealth and happiness there are many options available. I am always here to help you as well.
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Using Ancient methods of placement of shape, color and items, we are able to mitigate the negative impact of Earth’s stressed and polluted energies and clear those energies to flow cleanly through our lives. This science has the power to positively impact your lives, influence group dynamics and play a role in creating abundance. Contact me for a one-on-one consultation or with a group – with friends, co-workers or family.  I am delighted to assist you.


Feng Shui

Also known as “building biology,” this science addresses the effects of ‘sick building’ syndrome and its affect on those who live in these closed systems which drain human energy.  Go to    to find a practitioner near you.



BioDynamic Gardening
To make your garden grow and to have fresh organic, vegetables and herbs filled with glorious life force, investigate this type of organic farming and gardening system developed by Austrian scientist and philosopher Rudolf Steiner in the early 1900s. Biodynamic farming takes into consideration both biological cycles and also “dynamic”-metaphysical [beyond physical]-aspects of the farm, with the intention of achieving balance between physical and non-physical realms.
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