Great New Product — Do You Care About the Color?
Click the image to watch just how easy it is to use — and the many uses of — the Form Card.

Design and color aren’t separate-our decisions to purchase a product aren’t separate from color either.

We are attracted by the next new “thing” and then make instant, most often subconscious judgment about the product based on its color.  Much of the time our decision to purchase is based solely on the color of the product.

Watch the quick for Formcard, notice your response to the color as it is used.

I think the product is fun and useful…it kind of reminds me of Gumby and Pokey, but maybe that’s the joy of it along with the inherent McGyver factor.  The saturated, “happy” colors add to this simple fix “not a lot of technical knowledge needed” whimsy.

Notice your response and you’ll begin to understand the power of color in your own life and purchases:

  • Do you wish the color were different when used as a stand for the mobile phone?
  • Do you like the spunkiness of the product, and do the colors add to that for you?
  • Does it matter that the yellow Formcard is used as a repair for a tent pole?
  • Is the marketer using the color to draw your attention to the product and its capacity to offer quick repair? (If you have set up a tent in the wilderness, you know that you probably don’t have a glass of boiling water just sitting around–but the concept is exciting–quick repair!)
  • Will anyone use the yellow Formcard to draw attention to the repair, or will it be attractive to bees and you won’t know why?

Would you buy more of this product if it came in colors that were more like the items in your life already?

All of those questions above are secondary to my excitement about the product itself.  If you try it, let me know how you like it … and the colors!