Mayan Calendar

Dec 21, 2012:  A Whole Being, Feng Shui Approach

Learn to work with the energy all around you and make simple changes to your spaces with Mind Body Spirit Space secrets to live your best life.

By Fawn Chang, Feng Shui Expert

From the echoes of ancient civilizations to the predications of our modern day media and mystics, all seem to agree that we are in a time of great shift for planet Earth and her inhabitants and that December 21, 2012 is of major significance.

Known to many as the Winter Solstice, an event occurring each year marking days growing longer and nights growing shorter 2012 is, according to some the date the Mayan Calendar claims to be the ‘end of the world.’

If we counted on the Entertainment industry to provide us with our information about 12/21/12, we would all go packing to hide in a cave somewhere.  Close interpretation of the ancient writings, actually defined this as “end of days as we know it,” …a natural progression for Earth and for humanity from one cycle to another.  This change may not be without some turbulence, but what this change does tell us is that we are all moving to a place of greater awareness, personal power and responsibility and that we affect the events by our very focus and intention.


I am Fawn Chang, a Feng Shui Expert who has spent my entire life delving deeply into the experience of life shared with the planet Earth.  Feng Shui is an ancient science of place and placement developed over 5000 years ago as one aspect of Traditional Chinese Philosophy and Medicine.   Feng Shui shows us how our homes and offices anchor our lives and how to make simple changes to unblock negative energy and allow positive energy to flow gently, nourishing all aspects of our lives.  We can begin to live the joyful, harmonious relationships, health, wealth and happiness that are our birthright.  Feng Shui puts you in control of your life again.

Both Feng Shui and Traditional Chinese Medicine see everything as energy, everything is alive and always changing.  We are intricately connected to everything around us and have the ability to make positive and lasting impact on our lives through this wisdom, and through making simple changes to our spaces that will help us flourish.

What we experience as Winter is actually an opportunity in Feng Shui to dive deep into the well of our being to take stock and learn more about our connection to our heart’s desires, the purpose for our life and our ability to look deep inside ourselves and discover the connection to the non-material part of our life.

This winter Solstice, it is said that we are making a shift toward greater awareness of the spiritual, energy nature of all of creation including ourselves.  We are moving to a time where we are understanding the direct impact we have on life around us and how to align ourselves with conscious awareness to bring balance and harmony back into existence.

Ancient wisdom and prophecy are valuable tools to help us see what is possible and to learn how to make more loving choices for ourselves and others.  We are learning how powerful we are to make positive changes in our own lives and the events around us.   We can use the ancient predictions, and see them as a possible outcome and choose in each moment to see and express open-heartedly and shift ourselves toward our own Divine nature.  By choosing to see and seek the beauty and kindness behind all that we experience, we can move more easily from rampant focus on material gain to focus on spiritual joy.  That is what December 21, 2012 is all about.

This Winter Solstice and The Mayan Calendar

For the record, the Mayan Calendar doesn’t define where we all just fall off a time cliff, as our media would have us believe.  According to the Mayan Calendar, 12/21/2012 marks the shift from what the Mayan’s called the ‘Fifth Sun’ – a span of time when human focus was on the external, material nature of the world to the next cycle of the ‘Sixth Sun’ (lasting approximately 5000 years) during which humankind is given the support and opportunity to connect to the spiritual nature of the material world around us.   This might not be without turbulence, on our planet and in our lives, but we can positively impact both with our thoughts, feelings, approach and actions.

Regarding the Mayan Calendar, one of my esteemed teachers, Robert Gilbert of Vesica Institute ( states:

“We are currently in the time period moving from the Fifth to the Sixth sun.  According to modern Mexica (Aztec) sources (see Sergio Magana “2012-2021: The Dawn of the Sixth Sun”), the energy of the Sixth Sun entered in 1991 when the Fifth sun was still dominant, and the Sixth sun energy gathered strength in 2003.  On the Mayan Calendar end date of Winter Solstice on 21 December 2012, the two energies will be equal; from that time forward the Fifth Sun energy will fade and the Sixth Sun energies will increase, so that by 2021 the Sixth Sun energies will be the major influence.

“The Fifth Sun was a time of looking outside ourselves for external gratification and conquests: the Sixth Sun (the “White Sun”) is a time of illuminating our inner worlds and subconscious issues which we have avoided for lifetimes, clearing out our blockages so that higher consciousness can be our permanent state.

“This is also a time in which extremely advanced energy healing and energy handling skills will be manifested by many people, who are walking the conscious path of self-transformation.”

Have you noticed change?  How you can make it easier to flourish and thrive.

According to Feng Shui, everything is energy, all energy is interconnected and everything is always changing.  How we prepare ourselves to accept change determines how easily we will attract the health, wealth and happiness we desire and deserve.

Change is occurring constantly on Earth, it’s the nature of life.   We have all changed and will continue to change over the next millennia because it is the nature of life.

It’s about YOU

Look closely at your own world, because this is where change will be taking place and where you can have the most impact.  As you increase your abundance consciousness and the joy in your life, you elevate all life on Planet Earth as well.  We are all interconnected.


Take some time to quietly sit and take stock of where you are now and how you want to be living your life.

Review your recent past

  • Are you different than you were a few years ago? How?
  • How are you looking differently at your life?
  • Have perhaps things fallen away or been taken away from you, perhaps painfully, perhaps with regret or even with relief?
  • Have you taken control of aspects of your life and begun to live from your heart and what makes you truly happy?
  • Have you taken a second look at your connection with the world and energy around you?

Renew your goals and intentions

If you are unsure of what your goals or desires are, just ask yourself,
“What does my heart dream of?”   The answers, no matter how ‘un-reason-able’ are what you are meant to be enjoying and living.  This is the key to your personal unique gifts and you can have them!

  • What are your priorities?
  • What do you value? Relationships? Giving? Nature? Animals? Engineering? Beauty? Laughter and Humor?  These are keys to what you need to be living and doing in your life.
  • What makes your heart sing?
  • What do you look forward to?
  • Do you know your special talents and gifts, your dharma? This is what the world needs and only you can deliver it.  Your gifts are what will become the fuel for your life’s work and will always provide you the support you need to thrive.
  • Who and what in your life nourishes your heart and spirit? Who and what does not?
  • Who would you like to be in 5 years? (a better version of me)

Express Gratitude

  • Write it down. What are you grateful for? Each morning and whenever you think about it, write down at least 10 things for which you are grateful.  Your mood will immediately shift and that’s the point at which you become a powerful creator of the life you want rather than the life you don’t want.
  • Express your gratitude, to those around you and to Nature. Just look around and you can find thousands of things to be thankful for and thousands if not millions of people who have helped you already.
    • Thank the birds for their gift of flight, the grass and trees for their color that heals your heart, the sky that helps inspire vision and fresh breath.
    • I often thank everyone who has designed, manufactured, shipped and delivered all the goods that I use daily: my bed and sheets, my car, my clothing, my glasses, the colors on my walls, the lettuce in my salad, the makeup on my face. Everything was touched by someone and most often more than just one ‘someone’.   You can send gratitude and a blessing all the way through the channel of those who brought you the gifts with which you live.

Life is really much deeper and more simple than we have been led to believe.  By placing your focus on gratitude for what is right around you, you elevate your ‘abundance’ consciousness and bring more joy into your life.

Restructure your thoughts and your days

  • Rise early, preferably prior to sunrise and greet the new day
  • Anticipate a beautiful day and ‘script’ it: see it going just the way you want it to and stand back and watch what happens.
  • Drink pure water, eat foods high in life force: fresh, local and loved
  • Trust
    • In the face of situations that look bleakest is where you actually have the biggest impact on the quality of your life. The more positivity, unconditional love, acceptance and allowance you have in that situation, the higher you will elevate yourself after that moment has passed.
  • Look for the positive in every situation; be a Pollyanna
  • Develop your awareness; notice everything around you especially how you feel in different environments.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable, either move out of the situation or make positive and loving changes.  Learn more about Feng Shui and trust your intuition to keep you moving in the direction of more joy, happiness and health.  The more you develop your awareness and trust your intuition, the more it will rise to serve you.
  • Address your situations head on. You have nothing to fear and are always guided.
  • Set your Intentions
  • Detach from outcome. Often we unwittingly limit our abundance by asking for what we think is the best outcome.  I always say:  “This or something better.”  It allows me to be surprised by the unlimited possibilities and accept even more!
  • See the Spirit in all matter and see the beauty. We are often confronted by harsh, turbulent, inexplicable situations in front of us.  Don’t deny your experience or the pain you might feel, allow it to express through you and extend the timeline to be able to open to the possibility that there is a greater wisdom at work, even if it seems impossible.  It is at those times when we can often see the greatest example of Spirit moving; look for the beauty and know you are love.

Prepare to use The Energy of this Winter Solstice: Reconnect to your Inner Spirit & Wisdom    

According to Feng Shui, everything is interconnected.  We are completely connected to our environments and to Earth in ways that most of us cannot fathom.  Our modern lifestyles have for many disconnected us from the cycles and rhythms of the Earth.   Everything in our modern world seems to be on high volume 24/7/365. 

The pace of life today, the non-stop activity and input, is toxic to life fulfillment and creates an environment where overthinking, mental chatter, anger and illness occupy the space where love, clarity, calm and happiness should be living.  Life Force Essence is depleted by being overworked, anxious, and ‘multi-tasking.’

We have the power and wisdom to make simple changes through our Mind, Body, Spirit and Spaces that will benefit not only our lives, but the whole of Planet Earth.

Winter’s invitation to slow down must be received

There is treasure buried deeply in winter and deep inside you. For thousands of years, humans have used winter to go inside and return to stillness, entering what Feng Shui calls a yin state of rest, reflection and spiritual connection.

In the same way that in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, Winter cold drives the flowing water deep below the frozen surface of streams, lakes and rivers, we are guided to go deep inside as well.  Our Life Force, the well of Being, can be accessed and restored more easily during Winter’s long dark nights, allowing us to be fully prepared and eager to ride the crest of energy that will arrive in Spring.

Connect to Your Spirit and Enthusiasm for Your Life

Think about it: are you excited to get to begin the each day?  Do you awaken eager to do your life’s work?  Do you even know what that special gift of yours is and can do for you?

If you answered anything from “no” to “duh” or “yeah, right” you are probably not in synch with your true self just yet, but you can be and by taking the steps below you can begin living your “life’s purpose & true potential.”

Take some time this Winter to access this inner knowing and calling. These tips will help you find it, and have the ‘heart’ and courage to make the simple changes to put you on the right path once again.

Living your Life Purpose, you have a powerful impact on all life around you, work seems like play, relationships are rewarding and it’s like being ‘in love’ all the time.

Tips for Preparing to Use This Shift in Time and Energy

Mind Wisdom:

Our minds are products of the 21st Century.  Like monkeys, they are constantly jumping and leaping from branch to banana, all the while exhausting our ability to restore our Spirit.

  • Meditation is one way to calm the mind but for many, meditation becomes more frustrating than following the trail of thing to thing to thing…but its benefits, even just trying, nets big results.  Start slow and keep trying.  It may not look like you are making progress but each time you significantly change the chemical makeup of your brain to more awareness and more health for your body.  Try:  even being focused long enough for just for full body inhale and exhale can become the starting point of grace in your life.
  • Purge the Dribble and Dross First thing in the morning, grab a pen and paper and start writing, whatever comes to your mind, continue for 3 pages and then rip it up.  This little trick helps dump those pesky thoughts demanding attention. I also do this before I go to sleep and have wonderful restful sleep as a result.
  • Breathe  A few deep breaths will center your spirit and calm your mind and increase the pH of your blood to help prevent Osteoporosis.
  • Remove clutter, visual clutter comes in the form of many things, even a lot of different colors in the same place, or magazines or CDs or books all together will cause visual clutter. Pictures hung randomly also increase stress in our bodies and minds. (Use a grid pattern to calm the mind and ease the spirit. This allows soft flow of vision rather than focus jumping around).

Body Wisdom:

Foods have energetic qualities that move energy throughout our bodies and can be used to assist our mental, emotional and spiritual growth of each season.  In Winter, our bodies require different nutrition than in other seasons.  Cold and darkness drive us inside to seek inner warmth and wisdom and the energy of our body does the same, consolidate toward our core in order that our skin temperature can accommodate the cooler temperatures more easily.  It’s really quite amazing how we automatically adapt to the seasons when we allow our bodies, minds and spirits to do so.

As we move into Winter each year, and especially this year, use the opportunity of Winter to keep your Life Force strong all year, and access the well of health.

  • Take advantage of the extra darkness and allow yourself to rest more and earlier.
  • Winter asks us to store physical energy–in the form of a little extra weight. Even so, it is important to maintain gentle physical activity to keep the spine and joints flexible.
  • Fluid movement activities like yoga, dance, chi gong, walking all help the body gently process its energy for restoration.
  • Use a body brush to move lymph and stay healthy: starting at feet and then hands, brush toward your heart. A loofa sponge or shower mitts will also help exfoliate the skin and move the lymph.
  • Incorporate Salty & Bitter foods into your diet, as they have a centering quality that helps drive the body’s energy deeper to warm the core, leaving the surface of the body cooler, and thereby we notice the cold less. Salty and Bitter foods also protect the heart-mind balance as their energy ‘enters the heart’. Use only pure Sea Salt and in moderation

Good Foods Heal the Body, Mind & Spirit: Paul Pitchford’s landmark book, Healing With Whole Foods, Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition, combines the wisdom of ancient AND modern sciences. It’s one of the books I am devouring this winter (with some sea salt and root vegetables ).

Bitter foods include: lettuce (try this in a soup, it’s amazingly delicious), watercress, asparagus, alfalfa, rye, oats, as well as:

  • Grains: Amaranth, Corn
  • Legumes: Red Lentil
  • Nuts/Seeds: Sunflower, Pistachio
  • Vegetables: Beet, Dandelion Root, Okra, Red Bell Pepper, Scallion, Tomato
  • Fruits: Cherry, Persimmon
  • Cautions: Chocolate, Sugar, excess salt

Spirit Wisdom:

Listen and Receive.  We each have our own unique connection to wisdom and guidance deep with us.   Take advantage of this next few weeks and months to listen deeply, to yourself and to others.

Ask yourself, “Does my work and do my relationships feed my Spirit and Soul?”  If the answer is “yes” then work will be joyful and you’ll wonder why people are paying you so much money for doing something you love.  If you aren’t doing your unique Life Purpose, this is the year to evaluate and begin to take steps to make it happen.

Begin to pay attention to the things that bring you joy.  This is the key to knowing if you are aligned you’re your own unique talents and gifts.  Take time to evaluate the relationships in your life and whether or not they are nourishing you.  Is your career aligned with your heart’s desire and your life’s purpose?  Do you feel you contribute to others’ lives in a positive and uplifting way? Do you awaken each day eager to go to work?

  • Listening more deeply. Take time to listen to your heart and to your internal guidance and to others. Look into the eyes and faces of those near you as you listen for the love, hope, joy or pain between the words. This method of receiving someone allows you to be truly connected to the beauty of each soul, and the heroic human experience as we all search for the Love our Souls are capable of receiving and
  • Speak your truth. Kindly, gently and clearly show up with your unique perspective, acknowledging your own truth.  Do you feel safe to speak your truth?  Can you express your opinion without making someone else wrong in theirs?  Can you agree to disagree with others and can you open your heart and mind to perhaps a new perspective or a new approach?
  • Receive: it is an Art. Receiving means being open, trusting, centered, vulnerable, fearless and flexible. With these attributes you are more available to see the beauty in every situation and connect to the Divine wisdom and love that is ever present.   Can you receive the gift in each situation?

Here’s a simple example of receiving the gift in each situation.  Before I leave my house, I ask that my travels be safe and that I and everyone experience smooth easy travel throughout the day.   It took a while, but I began to see even the most annoying circumstance was carrying a gift.  When I experience a traffic delay, I assume that it is my guidance or my Angels helping to keep me safe and possibly avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Perhaps that delay of someone taking extra time to make a turn or a slow driver in front of me helped me avoid the person ahead who would be running the red light in a few blocks, or perhaps that delay put me in just the right place to get a great parking space, meet a wonderful new client or friend or even just be there to help someone in need.

  • Look for the Spirit in everything. As we learned, according to the ancient Mayans we are moving into an era called the “Sixth Sun” where we will be asked to connect to the spirit within the material.  Look behind appearances and trust your intuition and Sixth Sense and you will begin to understand more deeply the gift of being alive in this exciting time.

Space Wisdom:

Your life, your home, and your workplace are a metaphorical match for your relationships, career, health and everything in your life right now.   By learning how to see our spaces as energy does, through Feng Shui eyes we can make simple changes to help us increase our ability to accept the abundance, wisdom, health and wealth that we are meant to live. Feng Shui is a lot like ‘house psychology’ and quite a bit more.

One simple way to begin to know where energy is flowing is to follow your eye.  Where your eye goes, energy flows.  Evaluate what you see and how it makes you feel.  If you feel uplifted, calm and welcome, that’s a great start for good Feng Shui energy.  If you feel compressed, depressed, sad or uncomfortable, take steps to make simple changes to open it up and elevate the energy of your spaces.  Clean, clear the clutter and replace anything that isn’t safe, comfortable or that you don’t absolutely love and you are on your way to beneficial Feng Shui and the life you deserve.

There are a few things you can do to not only prepare to embrace the shift occurring in all of us, but to use the power of your spaces.  Two areas in particular are important now:  your front door (and all doors) and the center of every room.

Your Front Door

Called ‘The Mouth of Chi’, your front door is of major importance as it serves many Feng Shui purposes: inviting vital life force to your home, life and career, it is a sentry with a watchful eye, announcing who you are, what is important to you and what guests can expect when you open the door. Doors in general open us to opportunity and should be beautiful, work perfectly and open completely onto a beautiful view, inside and outside.

Most of us don’t use our front doors daily, some are used never.  This is equivalent to going through life with your hand over your mouth and nose. No fresh breath enters your body, and no freshness enters your life and your home if you don’t use your front door. [Note: your front door is the door with which your address is associated, not the back door or garage door you might use all the time.]

  • Open your Front door daily
  • Make certain it works perfectly and opens completely, nothing behind it or impeding it from opening fully.
  • Make sure it opens onto a beautiful view (no powder room or view of the second floor or sleeping areas). If this is the case, divert the eye and the energy with something beautiful that takes the gaze away; close the powder room door always and make it easy: install a spring hinge which will automatically close the door for you.
  • Be sure your front door itself beautiful, and cared for.
  • Make sure it’s well lighted, that your handle, hardware and door chime work perfectly and are beautiful.
  • The color of your front door needn’t be the same as the shutters and trim, but do make it one that you love and that announces what you want to project. There are many options when determining your front door color, if you need assistance, you can contact me for more information.
  • Place a new welcome mat and seasonal flowers, and make sure that your entrance it looks wide and open to receive.
  • Make sure your address numbers are visible and either horizontally displayed or in an ascending layout.
  • Add lighting…balanced is best.
  • Be sure that you don’t have a ‘floating door’: one that doesn’t look attached to the walkway, porch or earth.  A “floating door” will unsettle and un-ground you and your opportunities.
  • Make certain ALL your doors work perfectly and fully open. You’ll have greater health, increased opportunities and a happier life flow and career.

The Center

  • Clear and Honor the Center. The center of anything is a Sacred Gateway.  This is part of the significance of December 21, 2012.  Earth aligns with the galactic center and according to Robert Gilbert of Vesica Institute, this alignment causes turbulence in the energy on Earth and in our Bodies.  You can help mitigate the turbulence by staying focused on Love and Light, and by keep the Center area of your rooms, your basement, your desk, your garden, etc. open and clean and loved.
  • Clear all clutter you can from your environment, your emotions (guilt and regret are wasted time—learn and move on to do better next time). Make you spaces sacred, leave them quiet and empty with the feeling of being in a sacred library. This will help calm the mind and enhance wellbeing.

Water:  Winter is the time to engage with the energy of Flow.  It is important this year to make sure that all the water and plumbing in your home and office is working perfectly.  Take time to check and even be aware that in this next year, the Chinese Year of the Water Snake, we may need to pay close attention to water that is underground, to our emotions and to our ability to deal directly and completely with both as quickly as possible.  Left unchecked, water and emotions can cause great damage.

In many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, Winter snow and ice drives the flow of water even deeper than the surface of streams, lakes and rivers.  This is Nature’s way and we need to follow the subtle whisper of our body’s desire to slow down and go deep within. Take advantage of the benefits of Winter to deepen your ability to access your truth, receive insight, connect to your intuition and know your true, beautiful self.

Learn more about how your spaces influence your life and how to take control and make simple changes for better relationships, to find your spiritual partner, to live your life purpose and enjoy your career, for vibrant health, wealth and happiness.

Fawn Chang is a Feng Shui Expert, Color Expert and Interior Designer, Writer, Speaker and Trainer.