Learn how to re-view your spaces and know which changes to make to allow your spaces to nourish your goals and the purpose of the environment. For instance, an office in general is meant to foster focus, creativity, productivity and collaboration but many offices are designed in a way that makes your days a struggle, that compromise your immune system rather than allow you to enjoy efficiency and productivity and have time for other endeavors. Bedrooms are meant for rest, revitalization, reconnection, but colors and layout can inhibit deep sleep and connection to nourishment.

Classes are offered in person or online.

The First Step: It’s All About You

Your life becomes your greatest asset. There is no better way to learn Feng Shui with Compassion than to use the wisdom and to learn through your own experience. The first part of the Fawn Shui Training course helps you to experience Fawn Shui, the gentle, compassionate experience of how your life is truly interconnected with all things around you, and how to know which shifts to make and when, so that you and those you love can live in harmony.

Courses Available:

  • 21 Day Nourish Your Spirit
  • Learn Your Unique Energy and How to Support Yourself and Your Relationships
  • Create Your Best Life: 33 Day Course
  • FawnShui 101

Sign up for classes through Fawn’s products pages or email her for dates and times of her next classes.