Strategy Sessions

Are you ready to love your life again? 

Design influences your behavior subconsciously and energetically.

If all you need is a plan, you’ll have focused uninterrupted time with me, professional Human Centric Interior Designer, and a written plan for you to know which changes are fundamental to unblocking your relationships, career, health and life, you are in the right place.

Our spaces create our behavior and our lives. Knowledge of how

Discover the Design Consultation or Coaching that will finally change your life…don’t default, design

Lives change for the better when you know how your spaces are creating your behavior and know which changes to make.  

Design Consultations open the world of energy and unblock you.  Interior Design, with the full support of neuroscience and ancient wisdom of the mind/body/spirit/space connection, consider this your best health and happiness strategy. 

Are you ready to LOVE your LIFE again? 

It works 

Strategy Sessions are vital for any Business or Home wishing to Optimize Health going forward.  

Strategy Sessions 

Apply equally to all aspects of life and our environments:

  • Real estate transactions
  • Business, Retail spaces
  • Offices
  • Clinics
  • Developments
  • City Planning
  • Schools
  • Any Space Where Humans Live, Work or Play

Change Your Spaces…Change Your Life

Your Interiors Strategy Session & Plan gives you the confidence that your spaces and all of your energy and efforts to be directed toward the same joyful, positive outcome.

With your personal plan,  
you are clear, feel stronger,
more confident and joyful

Are you ready to LOVE your LIFE again? 

Every year we  have access to new support but our old spaces won’t allow us to receive it…or sometimes the energy personally drains us. 

Without an understanding of the energy around us and a plan to navigate our spaces and lives, we are drifting, and thrown off course for our health, relationships and thriving.   

A Strategy Session is GOLD, to clear the energy in your spaces and energy field, learn which simple changes in your spaces will make the greatest fundamental impact.  The Strategy plan allows you to stack your efforts and successes in your highest benefit and work with confidence at your pace. 

Everything is interconnected…your spaces, your mind, & your body.

Simple changes to the energy in any one of those and experience results…ARE THEY THE ONES YOU DESIRE?


But, you must know WHICH changes to make and have a plan,

or your energy is wasted, going in many different directions,

not going in the direction your desire.

With a strategic plan and energy block removal,

you can glide easily to your own confidence, engagement and joy!


“Invaluable, I noticed a difference the next day!” Stephanie S., San Diego, CA

“This removed so much stress, felt like I can now really succeed!” Michelle T., Anchorage, AK

“I don’t know how you do it, but everything is brighter and easier!” Mark F., Toronto, ON

“I would have NEVER thought of the things in this way, but my life has transformed to be so much better!” Sarah K., Carson City, NV

Your Style – One Plan
Simple Changes – Vibrant Life

Here’s how it works:


·        Make Your Purchase – I will reach out to schedule your Strategy Session, at a time that is convenient for you.   

·         Strategy Plans can be scheduled to apply to your home and spaces, real estate transactions, business spaces, offices, clinics, etc. You can give the gift of alignment to those you love, especially yourself.


·       You will receive your easy questionnaire to complete, and return.  This allows us to spend more time zeroing in on what you need. 


·       Send me images of your spaces ahead of time. Instructions in the questionnaire. I will send you a link to your own private board to easily upload the images. This process allows us more time to focus upon the solutions within our time together.


·         Zoom or Facetime call. 90 minutes uninterrupted time together focused on YOU. We discover what is blocking you, in your spaces and your unconscious, clear it and put your plan in motion. 


·         On this call, we remove the energy blocks (space clearing) in your spaces and in your energy field and immediately fresh, enlivening energy can now flow and support you. We also identify a few things you can do right now to make those shifts. 


·         I develop and send your optimal plan. 

·        You will know what to change based on your best way forward. Changes need not cost money to make, this is one of my superpowers: helping you make shifts spending as little time, effort or money as you desire.

·       Once you receive your detailed plan, you begin to make changes, working the plan. 


·         Reach out to me with questions, two 5-minute follow-up Q&A sessions are included in this Strategy Session.



Are you ready to LOVE your LIFE again? 




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Strategy Plan


Refer a friend and when they purchase, you receive a 15-minute energy clearing session.

Are you ready to LOVE your LIFE again?