Masterclass: Feng Shui & YOU: 9 Ki Numbers


August 11 – 2 pm Eastern
August 18 – 2 pm Eastern

Two  2-hour Live, Online Masterclasses

There will be a recording and eBook that you will receive!




Join me to learn how to
live the life you know is possible
better navigate your relationships.

Living with, working with and caring for others can be indefinably stressful. 

Take a sigh of relief knowing it is easier to make a shift than you would have ever thought.  

  • Gain deeper insight into your personality
  • Know WHO supports or who drains you…and what you can do about it  
  • Improve your relationships and love life
  • Increase your intuition and understand potential health challenges
  • Identify which career might be “the one” that will make your heart sing
  • Understand spatial Feng Shui from a personal level

You will know yourself from a new, sweet & gentle perspective
and learn how to maestro the energy flows in YOUR life. 

Nine Ki Numbers gently aligns Feng Shui with you personally,
is easy-to-understand and to immediately begin using.    

You will know how to use color, shape, placement to support
you and your family, your romance, your career, your income. 

Success and happiness is easier than you ever imagined
and you can finally live your dream life!

Join this Masterclass if you want to…

  • Masterfully Maestro the energy in your life
  • Finally understand yourself and the people around you 
  • Know what and who is supporting you or draining you
  • Know what to do about it
  • Know how to finally transform to your best self & life
  • Fulfill that burning desire for more in your life
  • Assist your clients as Design Professional
    (Architect, Interior Designer, Decorator, Stager, Color Consultant, etc.)
    and want to add more for your clients

 2-Part Masterclass Workshop   

each a 2-hour Online Webinar

August 11  –  2 pm Eastern
August 18 –  2 pm Eastern

4 Full Hours Live with Fawn
 Full seminar 


Price for Both 2-hour LIVE Webinars

There will be a recording and an eBook that you will receive!


“Stunning! I am amazed at how accurate and helpful this is!”  K. Conrad, Florida

“My family and I have so much more peace since I learned this!”  S. Sanford, Toronto

“Fascinating!  Accurate!  Easy!”  M. Sprague