Ok, so, where IS my Wealth Area anyway?

“Feng Shui only applies to you if you have a body and live on Earth”   (me) Fawn Chang

Right now, we are living in the sea of energy…what is around us defines our behavior, or defines if we spend extra energy to overcome what’s in our surroundings.

Compass School or Form School? Which gives you the best? You Decide.

I am often asked the question, “Do I need Feng Shui?”  Answer:  If you know how to read your spaces as your body does, if you know how to  make changes and if you can see a path to your brilliant life and can quickly make changes if you don’t see the path, you have “good” Feng Shui.

If you don’t have that yet, Feng Shui gives you the scaffolding to grab those skills, reset your environment and start to get on with your brilliant life.

But, one of the biggest problems I encountered when I first learned about Feng Shui over 30 years ago was the confusion I found based on the many varied, sometimes conflicting suggestions, often steeped in cultural mythology.  It was enough to make me want to throw up my hands and walk away.

But something inside me told me there was really deep value to this study.

I decided to look beneath the dogma, the cultural significance and mythology to find the essence of how this information was relative to every human on earth.   I studied relentlessly, modern science and ancient wisdom. What I discovered is what I practice and want to share.

I was able to tease apart the ways we humans interact with our spaces; how colors, shapes, rooms and much more drive our behavior.

Current research is actually showing that and how our spaces impact our brains and bodies, for instance, resetting our bodies as we pass through a door, which science is calling an “event boundary.”  Other research is showing that the ceiling height of a room influences us and our ability to think clearly, creatively, sleep and have intimate connection or global awareness.

Let’s look at one of the ancient tools that will help you look at your spaces as energy does.

What is a BaGua and Why Should I Care?

When you pick up a book on Feng Shui, to find which part of your home or office is your “Wealth” corner or your “Marriage” or “Partnership” corner, which space to look at to determine if you have the support for a new job, a good relationship, etc.  you will be asked to align a little map to your spaces called the BaGua.  Ba Gua is Chinese for “8 Ways” (you might see it as “Pa Kua” which is the same thing).  Standing in the center of this map there are 8 boxes surrounding you, those are the 8 different aspects of life.

The BaGua organizes the multi-dimensional and interconnected aspect of space, time, colors, seasons, behavior and relationship between everything you can imagine.  Everything is interconnected and this little map is packed with deep metaphors and valuable information but that’s for another post.

How To Use This Little Map Called the BaGua

There are two ways to use the Bagua:  align it to the cardinal directions (N, S, E, W and the directions in between) called the Compass School or position the map aligned with the entrance/front door called the Form School.  Pick the one that you resonate and use that one because:

Both work.  

Since they work equally as well, here in the west, the Form school position, being easiest to use is the one I recommend we all start with.

The Form School

Using the Form School

 In the Form School, we look at how energy enters a space (property, building, room, etc.) from the opening to that space: the door.  According to the Compass School, you might need to place the head of your bed facing North (or whatever).


The Form School looks at the forms we encounter:  where’s the door, where are the walls, how does the energy flow, how do I travel through the space, where am I being blocked, where’s the water and how is this indicative of energy flowing or stagnating? Where do I feel safe or exposed (what’s my power position, is my back protected, am I in full commanding view of the room, etc.)

Bagua Feng Shui Fawn Chang

In the graphic, you’ll see the map.  If you print this and walk to the door of a room, you’ll hold it in front of you and find that the “Fortunate Blessings, Wealth & Prosperity” is in the furthest left hand corner.

The door to the room will fall in one of the 3 “bottom” areas, either Knowledge & Self Cultivation/Wisdom, Journey Life’s Purpose/Career or Helpful People and Travel.   The “map” is also upside-down as we see it here, with “north” associated with Journey, etc. at the bottom and “south” associated with Fame/Reputation at the top of the page.  Here’s why:

From the door, the energy is slow and deep, like water.  Think about when you enter a new space, you slow your pace a bit and perhaps pause to take in your surroundings.  The “energy” begins to rise and grow in a clockwise manner,  building into the space to a crescendo at the back where we see the Fame position…this is what you see most as you enter the space.  Whatever is here is what others, and you, will see and will speak to your subconscious telling you what you are “famous” for.  If it’s a picture of a bunny or a lion, your mind/body reads that and sets up expectations and behavior.  (See Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking.)

Seen through the from the Form School the position of the wealth corner in the furthest left corner as you stand at the entrance to the room, building, property, etc.   [This would correspond to the energy of Southeast in the Compass School but doesn’t need to be in the Southeast corner because we are using the Form School.]

What is in that sector?  Is it wealthy, healthy and vibrant? Is there a bathroom or water there?   If so, what is the status of the water, is it clean and flowing freshly toward the center of the home or is it flowing out, taking your money and health with it? Feng Shui would then recommend how to make simple changes to color, items, decor to help uplift the energy and thereby your feeling of wealth and thereby your experience of wealth.  Everything is interconnected.

The Compass School

If we had the resources of Genghis Khan or the Emperors of China, we could find the perfect mountain to place at our back.  We’d position our front door to face the proper direction to nourish our own unique individual energy, we’d be able to do all that an site our city or yurt so that we were protected from the invasion of enemies all the while affording us the long, horizon view in front of us, with water nearby, and lush vegetation to feed our hordes.  True story.

We can’t shift our homes as the ancients could spin their yurts.   We live in fixed forms.  So how do we make upgrades to allow the energy to be attracted to and nourish us, our businesses and our homes?

We use some basic, practical tools and look at colors, shapes, and the way energy flows and feeds or drains.   Science is showing what the ancients have known, what is around us determines our body response.

Find out how we can positively impact how we can perform to our best and do the purpose for which the room is designed. (Office: effectiveness, proficiency, work/life balance.  Bedroom: nourishing sleep, reconnection with Self, Source and Significant Other, Retail: enjoyable purchasing experience, etc.)

Using the Compass School

There are some great books about how to use the Compass School,  Simon Brown is one author who seems to make it simpler than most, although many folks I talk to find it can be quite challenging and tedious and they often feel they’ve gotten it ‘wrong’  (a bigger deterrent than help).

Use a compass, be sure that you aren’t getting wonky readings based on whether you are above plumbing or electrical wiring, your fridge or your car.  Mark the directions…what does your SE corner look like?  what is there?  Does it look like full-blossom Spring, is it open and does it feel wealthy?  Is it upward moving, flourishing and make you feel blessed.  Then look at the North, is it quiet, calm and flowing toward the center of your home?

Energy to the North will be more quiet, rejuvenating and cold, associated with Water, Life Flow and Career.  Energy to the South will be warmer, more exciting and lively, associated with Fire and Fame.  East, as this is where the sun rises, is associated with creativity, health and inheritances, fresh energy of a new day and Spring, also the Liver and Gall Bladder (energy rising).  West is associated with Harvest, Autumn, creativity, Joy, Metal and accountability.

My Experience

It makes no sense to me to struggle to put the head of the bed toward the North if it means that the head of the bed is at the door facing into the room.  This  is not in the ‘power position’ which IS something our bodies read and respond to–feeling safe or feeling stressed which compromises our immune system.Next time you enter a room, just begin to check in and notice how you feel and what you see.  It’s more than you imagine.  Our bodies read spaces, feel and respond to energies and metaphors beneath our conscious awareness.

Of course all areas of your home can be arranged this way, to be organized healthy and wealthy looking, but in my experience, the Form School is extremely accurate to show where counter-forces are negatively impacting lives, where the energy is supporting activity and where it’s naturally quiet.

Do One First then Try Both

If you are comfortable, look at your spaces from the perspective of both.  You can do a little backward detective work to get more in tune with your spaces and see exactly where your problems are anchored in your spaces.

I like the Form School, and also use Nine Star Ki to discover your personal Feng Shui energy.  Both are easily understandable and both work.  No matter which school you use, Feng Shui only works if you do, establishing a link with your awareness of energy and how it influences YOU!

It’s all about you, your life and your ability to feel Safe, Comfortable, Organized, Refreshed and able to Express your true, beautiful self.

Check out my  Nine Star Ki Energy Calculator  to discover your Feng Shui Energy.

I hope that helps.  It makes a big difference in life whether you spend your energy on fun and expression of your gifts, or whether you spend your energy to overcome your environment.  In the latter case, you are wasting your most precious resource, your time and your energy.

Go be Brilliant! Much love to you,

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PS. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns or you can contact me for an online consultation if you’d like and we’ll get it working right for you! fawn@fawnchang.com