5 Ways to Use This Independence Full Moon

Independence Full Moon: Time to Get Real

Happy Independence Day

Maybe you’ve been feeling emotionally pulled and stressed lately, maybe not, but the July 3 full moon puts the focus on close personal relationships and thrusts them against the significance of your role on the planet…Can you claim your own independence?  If not, you aren’t showing up for the joys of being fully you, and fully in love with all of life and others.

The Moon affect the tides, water, our bodies and emotions.  During the bright, full moon night sky we get the chance to pull that wisdom within, be opened up, release what doesn’t serve us, and shine the light on what is true and good.

Get Real

Through open and loving communications we can find the right power balance, within ourselves and our relationships.  This can be a time when you take stock of what you’ve got, and what you need.  Time for tough love personified, where no means no…and yes is deep commitment.

The energy of this Full Moon is goading us to get real!  It’s a torchlight allowing us to focus on what is really important to bring our beauty and gift to the world. We have to be prepared to leap in there and rip out whatever is blocking truth or intimacy with the people in our lives.

Here are some tips to help you feel the exhilaration of being truly you:

1.    Ask yourself some real questions:  What are you dedicated to cultivating? What societal values do you venerate? Are you demonstrating these values? Are there gifts from your tradition (family, nation, region) that are valuable seeds to carry forward? What would you like to be proud of having done at the end of your life?  Is it time to make a deeper commitment to what you know you came here to do?  Feng Shui: What is in your near left corner of your home or office as you stand at the door facing inward?  This is your Wisdom/Knowledge area.  Leave it open and quiet. Sit there and journal or meditate, place an empty bowl to signify being open to guidance.

2.    Get real with your emotions.  Getting real with emotions brings renewed vitality.

  1. Look at your ability to feel true emotional independence, even if it feels like swimming against the tide.  Be true to your own heart and release attachments to fantasy or someone else’s reaction.  Emotional sovereignty makes you less vulnerable to external manipulation, peer pressure and family/societal credos that go against your soul knowing.  Feng Shui: clean and clear your Health & Family area. Place things there that signify what is important to you.  Honor the inheritances that fulfill your soul.
  2. Kindly and clearly communicate your needs in relationships so that both people feel strong as individuals but can also rely on the emotional support which a healthy relationship brings. Listen, be attentive, and be prepared to stand in your center. Those that love you will adjust or leave to make space for something better.  If you need a hug, ask for one.  Feng Shui:  Look at your Relationship Area, is there water, a bathroom, laundry or door to the outside in this area?  Is it the area beautiful, clean, and free of ‘too much’?  Do you have pairs of things or just one…one chair, one lonely piece of art, one candle, etc.?  Pair them up and love them up.
  3. Allow yourself to say no to whatever doesn’t feel good or nourishing.  Commit to you and your heart and body.  Feng Shui:  If you don’t love it or use it (and love it) give it or throw it away.  Keep only the things that nourish your soul and reflect the positive expression of who you truly are and want to create.

3.    Get Serious:  Commit to something or let it go.  Whether it is a deep and personal relationship, a new way of being, a lifestyle or eating habits, a clean and clutter free existence, commit or let it go.  Sometimes holding on to those things in our lives that are ‘shoulds’ or ‘would like to’s’ actually become the barnacles that slow us down.  Do or Don’t but commit either way.  Feng Shui:  The area of the bagua that can help with this is the Helpful People/Benefactors.  Associated with Metal energy, it gets us into the community, helps us be accountable to ourselves, our roles and our harvesting capacity.  Always make sure it’s clean, place images that represent honor, duty, mentors, commitment and support here.

4.    Just Do It! Change is important and it starts with you. You might be feeling the stress between home environment and relationships and moving out into the world with your own special gifts.   Feng Shui:  Fame Area: Make sure that this Fiery space at the middle 1/3 back of your rooms, home, property etc. are uplifted, bright and represent what you want to be known for, your reputation.  Keep it light, warm and happy.

5.    Release what is holding you back.  Travel lightly now and you’ll move ahead.  Release extraneous or non-supportive patterns, past, roles, people, thoughts or emotions (like longing, guilt or regret).  Learn from them and then let them go.  Clear your clutter, mentally, physically and emotionally.  What is real will be there, or find its way back into your life to bring true joy.  Is it a group of old friends who don’t allow you to be the real you?  Is it an old, worn out philosophy, unhealthy eating habits or thought patterns, an unrealistic body image? What can you learn from looking to other ways outside your current reality or beliefs that can make you a better version of you?  Feng Shui:  Clear any clutter that is around you.  Just let it go by focusing intently on what is in front of you and in your heart.  If you make the space, it will come rushing in.

As we learned from our own American revolution, change takes effort and it starts with each of us.  When we change our own life, taking care of what is directly around and within us, perhaps we won’t have to struggle and fight so much in the outer world.

Can you allow yourself to be the best version of you?  Will you bring your gifts to the world?  I hope so.