Feng Shui

First we create our spaces; thereafter they create us

Winston Churchill

Our spaces: the colors and materials even the other people, are always subtly influencing our lives.

In our modern world, we often find ourselves increasingly out of touch with the forces and rhythm of nature around us. We are all now familiar and most of us embrace Green Design, “evidence-based design” and “solution-based design.” Environments that are responsive to the whole are exciting, yet we are just beginning to touch the surface of the design science has been changing lives for over 5000 years.

Weaving together this ancient science, leading edge research on human physiology, psychology, marketing, behavior, along with her study of fine art and Interior Design, what Fawn has put forth is pivotal in the evolution of design, the next step beyond green.

Literally translated as “Wind Water,” the wisdom and universality of Feng Shui is no less impactful today. A language of metaphor and energy, Feng Shui may be the first step to understanding the link between home, office, schools, buildings, cities and even nations, and give us the structure to find a solution that works within our desires and budgets for time, effort and money.

Many different versions of Feng Shui have developed in the past 5000 years. Yet, the systems are only necessary in order to reconnect us with our personal conversation with the life force in our spaces and lives. Each of those systems serve as a structure to begin to re-vision our connection with all around us and to begin to engage the energy and move it in the direction of our goals and dreams.

Fawn has studied nearly every system of Feng Shui and indigenous culture, modern science and ancient wisdom. She has worked relentlessly to find the diamond of truth, devoid of cultural myth and interpretation. It is her goal to assist each interested person to engage with the forces around them to create their own brilliant, vibrant life.

Using ancient wisdom and current design, science and practicality, Fawn helps you positively engage the forces of life and nourishment back into life. Work becomes play, relationship becomes nourishment and life flows beautifully.

Consult with Fawn to assess your spaces and designs and transform the energy into positive support of your life and goals. Don’t wait — any time is the perfect time to tap into the positive energy around you, your family, your clients, and your work.