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Design Drives Behavior and Creates Lives

Our spaces are more than a container for our lives, more than merely a collection of materials, furnishings and colors. The spaces we design will hinder or help us achieve our goals for life, work, health and relationships.

Design with the Body’s natural wisdom, using neuroscience and science-backed ancient wisdom of Feng Shui in the context of modern, leading edge design.  

From concept to implementation – advising or consulting, Fawn’s knowledge and creativity are acclaimed for making her clients’ visions for their lives become reality – while staying on budget.

Fawn’s wisdom, creativity and practicality will immeasurably enhance the design, improve lives and often saving money and time.

Together, we will make your spaces deliver the health, effectiveness, joy and well-being we have been craving.  

Design Will Help You Live, Learn, Work and Relate More Easily 

It’s called Body Language: our spaces are driving our behavior. 

Fawn will help align your spaces with your preferred outcomes, for health, happiness, better relationships, easier days and more pleasant nights, whatever your needs and goals.  

Simple, personalized SHIFTS to your home or office produces amazing results! project and spaces for optimal outcomes. 

  • Residential
    • Interior Whole Home or One Room
    • Exterior
  • Commercial 
  • Work Spaces
  • Business
  • School
  • ASD Color Palettes & Design
  • HealthCare & Clinics
  • Real Estate for Selling or Buying
  • Staging 

Design Services
To the Trade 

Design Advising & Consulting
Services for Professionals

Working with you and your team, Fawn advises and consults, bringing fresh eyes and human-centered design to each project. 

Fawn works with your team to align your designs for how the body reads spaces,  leading edge design consulting and advising.    

  • Corporate
  • Residential 
  • Health & Well-being 
  • Health Care
  • Schools & ASD Design
  • Generational Design 
  • HealthCare & Clinics
  • Hospitality Design
  • Multi-Family Design 
See how your designs can inspire human health, resilience, happiness and success.