2022 Color Trends from PPG Paints

It's THAT Time of Year: Color Trends 2022

I love this time of year for so many reasons  – stay posted as I share the colors as they are unveiled!   

PPG's 2022 Color of the Year & 3 Trend Personas

#1 Invaluable – deep colors for quickly grounding and a sense of natural luxury. 

Trend:  Romance and nostalgia for that which is grounding and comforting.  Use the deep colors in rooms where you will spend less time (less than 2 hours) and the lighter colors are great for rooms where you’ll spend 8-10 hours.   
Also, notice the copper lamp shade:  copper (and it’s alloy brass) is a naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-viral surface, that I believe we’ll be seeing a lot more.  Check out ACTIVAT3D from Spee3d.com for 3d printed metallic coating to fight  the spread of COVID-19.        (Image: PPGPaints.com

#2 Introspective – muted colors for color & calm, and saturated colors for pizazz.  depending on how and where they are used. 

Trend:  Calm spaces, with a “punch”  of color to lead the eye.  The softer colors here are great backgrounds in rooms where you’ll spend a little more time: Lotus Petal, Magic Wand, Pine Whisper, Tea Time, even Peace can support the body in spaces where you’ll spend more than 8 hours. 

Carrot Cake, Yellow Coneflower, Burnt Red and Wistful Walk, use use as an accent on a piece of furniture or color block or in rooms where you’ll spend less than 2 hours, or go crazy with these more saturated colors in rooms where you’ll on spend a few minutes, like a powder room.   (Image: PPGPaints.com)


#3 Inspired –  fun, lively and bright colors, just what we NEED to uplift and create our lives afresh. 

Trend:  We are exhausted with decision fatigue, compassion fatigue, seriousness fatigue.  Happiness is the key to success, not the other way around.  The happy colors can uplift: use in rooms where you’ll spend less than 2 hours so that too much happiness doesn’t turn to exhaustion.  (Image: PPGPaints.com)


PPG Color of the YEAR 2022

Olive Sprig, PPG1125-4 is a mid grey-green that reminds me of the mid-century Post -War Steelcase desks you might see in a Post World War II era film.  

(Grab a free swatch of Olive Sprig and see what YOU think. )  

The steel desks were sturdy and  ubiquitous in offices in the 1950’s and 60’s, and you’ll see them any film showing a battery of desks for the way we worked then. (see below) 

Steelcase Desk  (Image: PropServicesWest)

I think ALL colors are beautiful AND it depends on  where and how you use them because they design behavior. 

This could be a great color for an exterior, or for base cabinets, but I don’t love this one for an interior wall color; it is a deeper mid-tone color that I don’t feel is happy enough. 

Pale Moss Green PPG 1121-3 is a happier green – but it depends greatly on the lighting you have and the other colors in the room as to which color will work best for your spaces, especially when choosing green – a very challenging color to get just right.  

I think we need more happiness!

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