Mercury Retrograde: What it’s all about

RE:  The Miracle of Mercury Retrograde

Ready to review and renew?   Re-connect, re-establish, re-view:  “RE-“ is the key for this month.  How good are you at ‘going with the flow’?  Watch these next few weeks and decide for yourself.


Mercury Retrograde is an astrological occurrence that I have followed for the last 20 years that is probably one of the most widely recognized and popularly dreaded astro occurrence.  


“Oh no, not Mercury Retrograde again…”

 I have found that the 3-4 times per year that the planet Mercury goes “retrograde’ can bring the re-turn of opportunities we think we may have missed, the re-turn of an old friend or re-connection to life’s purpose.  It’s all a matter of where you have set your ‘happiness meter’ as to how you will experience this weird phenomenon that lasts about 4 weeks.  [You may have noticed electronics doing weird things for the last few weeks, sometimes a strong planetary influence will amplify the effects…But not all Mercury Retrogrades are the same and this one has it’s own special flavor.  (check it out at


All of this can be either good news or unpleasant experiences.  Personally, I have had more re-connection with old friends, lost articles, abandonded projects re-emerge, clients re-connect and more wonderful things happen during Mercury Retrograde. 


It seems like a time to loop back on all that we do, get clear about handling things that are hanging on preventing our movement forward and those things that love you come back to love you again.


What to notice:

  • Missed communication:    re-state your understanding
  • Missed appointments:   re-schedule or re-evaluate
  • Electronics acting ‘weird’:  back-up your files, try to avoid buying a new electronic gadget, computer, phone, car, etc.  
  • Phone tag & re-scheduling:  Relax, they are experiencing it too.


What to do:

  • Re-lax, re-adjust, re-member peace
  • Accept the gifts


What to know:

  • Re-evaluate major purchases or electronics
  • Re-evaluate contract signing (unless you want to redo it later, or re-gret signing)
  • Re-lease old/negative ways of thinking, things that don’t serve you or make you happy.



For more information about what causes this rift and shift, visit

Be gentle on yourself and those around you. 

Re-member: Just keep loving and


Row, Row, Row your boat,

Gently down the Stream,

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily

Life is but a Dream.


Check out this video from Esther Hicks about The Stream in which we all live.