Lunch And Learn and Free Feng Shui at Your Home

Lunch And Learn & Free Feng Shui at Your Home
Lunch And LearnMany employers are helping their employees reduce stress and enjoy their lives more with a wonderful series called, Lunch and Learn.  
During the Lunch Hour, for 45 minutes, employees are invited to experience wonderful topics while enjoy lunch.  They return back to work refreshed and invigorated, eager to make easy changes to be more efficient, productive, and healthy.  Everyone beneifts.
If you would like to know more about how Feng Shui can bring you more clients, easier work day, increase your wealth, get you the promotion, eliminate negative energy and more, ask your employer to call me.  We’ll get the whole office buzzing with good energy and great information that you can also use at home. 
I am offering a free hour of personal Feng Shui at your home for each Lunch and Learn session that we schedule through you.  
It’s a Win-Win-Win! 
Some topics include:
  • How to be more productive with Feng Shui
  • Feng Shui your Cubicle: Change Your Life
  • Feng Shui and Your Health
  • Harmony and Prosperity in the Office
  • Change your Office, Change your Bottom Line
  • Easy Steps to Employee Harmony
I love what I do.  My goal is to help every worker in American (ok, the world) to bound out of bed, love to go to work, be productive and amazed at how easily the clients, money and fun flow to them and then go home and delight in the extra free time they have to enjoy their families and friends. 
That’s my goal.  Wanna play?