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Recently I was interviewed by the mega popular www.HauteIntheCity.net and I would love to share it with you.  Haute In The City is a weekly e-newsletter to thousands of people all over, that highlights wonderful finds, often around the city of Pittsburgh and frequently for anyone anywhere.    When they contacted me to find out about Feng Shui, I was very excited.  Here is the Haute in the City skinny on Feng Shui and (ta-daaaaa) me.   


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“Today we are going to open our minds a little. We are going to have a little chat about changing your space to change your life. Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is actually not some crazy new age BS or Voodo. It is a science. In fact it has been studied for over 5000 years.  Just because we do not understand does not mean we should knock it. We do not understand trigonometry either but there you have it.

 “Feng Shui is a bit like quantum physics (another one of those easy reads) in that it is a study of energy. The deal is this-everything has energy and it all interacts. Do not believe us? Check out a pic of your ex, see how you feel.

“There are people who study these interactions, quantify and qualify them. They can then form a scientific equation of optimum balance. There are a whole slew of other factors involved, but let’s start with the basics-everything you own is a representation of you.

 “Think about it, it is true-good or bad. You may put a picture of someone you love on your desk at work to brighten up a dull day. Same idea. Your space affects your life. If you leave all of your bills in the center of your table you will remember to pay them but you will also have a daily reminder of something unpleasant, find them a new home.

 “Now think larger scale, your whole house, or office, is a huge part of your life. Put Feng Shui to work for you. You can even use it to stage your house and help sell it in this impossible market. 

 “For this we recommend a professional. Fawn Chang has been a Feng Shui Consultant for 13 years. She is absolutely lovely and not in the least bit flighty. Have her come by and help you kick start your life. She will not move all of your furniture or make you put a Buddha in the living room. You will fill out a detailed form and have an in depth consult with follow up about subtle changes that will make energy flow around you in a more positive way. She also has classes for the do it yourself type.

“Still not sold? Open your window and let the summer breeze come through. Does that not make you feel better? You just changed your energy. 

Design and Feng Shui by Fawn Chang 412.741.1222  www.designandfengshui.com



So, open a window and let the Love in!