Energize where you live

Energize where you live  




Spending more time at home due to the increase in the price of fuel?  July 2nd will give us a nice push of positive energy to make some real new changes to energize our homes and improve our relationships.  

Your home is a mirror of where you are in your life right now, it is a living, breathing entity, with a personality, vibration and influence all its own. Your issues and secrets are wrapped up in the setup and layout of your home or office.  You’ll be amazed at how simply changing your surroundings can impact your health, wealth, happiness and more. 

Get Fresh:

·         Here I go again:  clear your clutter.”  Go through all those little drawers and spaces and clear out the stuff that’s been there for 6 months or more.  Wipe it all with a citrus-scented natural cleaner to bring in fresh and lively energy.  Every space that you ‘own’ also ‘owns’ you: every space.

·         Open windows and doors for some fresh energy.  Air conditioning can feel great, but it’s important to at least daily open your front door to bring in fresh energy.  The closed system of our modern HVAC removes us from the intangible life-giving energies of fresh natural air.  Also, make certain your filters are changed and that no mildew or mold have begun to form.

·         Ring a bell or clap your hands to immediately clear the air and change the energy of stagnation. 

·         Clean the corners:  energy tends to stagnate in the corners. I have two Chocolate Labs and anyone with dogs will tell you quickly that the corners tend to collect all the dust, dirt and dog hair.  It also tends to stagnate the energy.  Clean the corners.

·         Clean your windows.  Windows relate to our view on life and are also associated with our lungs and ability to breathe.  Make sure your windows and screens are clean, working perfectly show you a beautiful view.

·         Put yourself in the Power Position.  Power is different than ‘force’ and being powerful will align you to your natural state: aligned fully with the Life Force.  When you feel Safe, Comfortable, organized, responsive and fully express your inner glory, (SCORE© Your Spaces) you can take up space on the planet and know that you are adding to the joyful expanding life force for all of us.

Learn about the Bagua:

This is the ‘grid’ that is placed over your spaces that shows you what area of your home (or office) influences which aspect of your life.  When you know how to use this, it gives you a point of focus but more than that, it is extremely telling: you’ll understand the metaphor that is your home and then you can take steps toward a better life.

After you have energized your home by clearing clutter, introducing fresh energy (as above), changing your furnishings to put yourself in the “power Position,” read how to enhance your spaces to give relationships more harmonious and vital energy.