Easy Intro to the Feng Shui Elements: Your Feng Shui Energy

Discover Your Feng Shui Energy
By knowing your ‘elemental’ nature, you’ll have the edge when seeking to arrange your home for harmonious weekend, a delightful dinner party, seeking a new job or career, opening yourself to new opportunities and relationships or just staying healthy, balanced and happy. 
All things are comprised of energy but not all energy behaves the same way.  Some is upward moving and independant (Wood) some is outward and brilliant (Fire) some is gathering and nourishing (Earth), other is accountable and community/global oriented (Metal) while other energy is flowing, deep, spiritual, thoughtful or bubbly (Water). 
There, you have just had your first lesson in Feng Shui element theory.  The Ancient Taoist Masters noticed that all energy could be categorized in these five ways; they also associated colors, shapes and emotions, compass directions, seasons, times of day and human body energy fields, organs and food.  There won’t be a test on all this but it’s true:  everything is interconnected.  It’s knowing how to use the elements that will support you, your work, and your relationships. 

Nine Star Ki brings you into the Feng Shui picture.
I use the Ancient system of Nine Star Ki to align you with your spaces and with time.  You can discover your Primary Feng Shui energy by going to www.9starki.com and scrolling to “free forecast”.   It is accurate and fun and will tell you a bit about how your energy is experienced in a Feng Shui manner.   This will give you one piece of the puzzle…I use actually more calculations for each person in the environment, and then calculate how to bring harmony to spaces AND relationships using color, shape and placement.   I also use Western Astrology to determine your decor needs, for instance, someone with a lot of the Sign of Cancer in their makeup will want things to be soft, warm and nourishing and will need to have their collections around them, they’ll be drawn to light tones and water in their environment. 
Check out Nine Star Ki website or contact me for your own consultation to learn how to get your spaces and your life well sorted for your own joy and happiness.