The Bagua: Your Treasure Map to the Energy of Your Spaces

Basic Feng Shui Tool:    The Bagua Map


             When we look at your surroundings through ‘Feng Shui’ eyes, we can often see what it is in your life that is challenged or challenging you or what you may be missing.  A basic Feng Shui tool is the Bagua Energy Grid, which shows you which areas of your home or office is affecting your Relationships, Career, Health, Wealth and other aspects of your life.   

             The Bagua energy map represents a universal energy grid and represents all aspects of a life in balance.  In Feng Shui, everything is alive, always changing and interconnected.  This energy map, the Bagua, helps you know how and what to change; by adjusting the energy according to the Bagua, people’s lives have improved dramatically.  We’ll focus on the “Form” school method of applying the Bagua beginning at the front entrance.  [The Compass School will orient the Bagua to the compass directions—both work well, I find the Form School completely effective.] 

             The Bagua is applied to each aspect of your home or office:  the property, the structure, each room, etc.  Each area has its own Bagua.  Like the Russian Matruska (nesting) dolls, your property, structure, each individual room, even your desk if you choose, also has a Bagua of its own and it is applied in the same manner from the entrance of the room the same way you apply it to the entire home.  

              To apply the Bagua to your home, stand at your front door looking into the house holding the Bagua in front of you. Notice that your front door will fall somewhere along the bottom line of the map. Now visualize your entire home from a birds-eye-view. Don’t be concerned that your home is not a perfect square.  As if you were going to take your home to a shipping store, stretch the Bagua as though it were a box in which you wanted to ship your house.  There will be some areas that need to be filled with ‘packing’; these are missing areas and they are important to note as they reflect missing energies or challenges in your life.

      Now you have this box around your home.  Draw a tic-tac-toe board over the whole picture and you will see which rooms (or parts of rooms or couple of rooms) correspond to the Bagua areas.  The back left rear of your house is the wealth area, the back right is the marriage area, etc. Some areas of the house may overlap several areas of the Bagua. For example, your living room may include the area of Inner Knowledge as well as some of the Family area.


          Once you have identified which areas in your home correspond to the areas of the Ba-Gua, you can learn which colors, shapes and energy are ‘at home’ and which would be destructive.  With a little more knowledge of Feng Shui principles, you can make changes to address these areas of your environment and improve the flow and vitality of the Ch’i, so that you may live in full abundance and joy, creating all the health, wealth and happiness you have been wanting…the difference is:  you will no longer be wanting it–you will begin the process of having it…are you ready for it?